Harley-Davidson Offering Dream Job

A strange job just happen to us in writing that Harley-Davidson looking a biker in CDD to make the motorcycle throughout Europe, all expenses paid. But not only.

Harley-Davidson Offering Dream Job
Harley-Davidson Offering Dream Job (520 × 310)

You are a fan of motto, why not Harley-Davidson, you two months free from may 2015 and you like to swallow the Terminal! Then read carefully what Harley-Davidson has to offer you…

For good term its “Discover More 2015” project, the American giant is looking for a biker – adventurer – who will participate in an advertised journey as extraordinary. From the month of may, the lucky winner of this competition throughout Europe will take the road for two months riding a Street Glide. In addition to having the entirety of fees paid, this biker – that will be the envy – will be paid €25 000!

A search launched throughout Europe to find the adventurer who will take part in an extraordinary journey in 2015.

Harley-Davidson finds a passionate biker ready to take the road for a journey of two months across Europe all expenses paid. And as if that wasn’t enough, this lucky biker will fly a Street Glide during all the trip and will be paid €25,000.

Harley-Davidson Offering Dream Job
Harley-Davidson Offering Dream Job (672 × 505)

It sounds like a dream. But it is not a. It is the job offered to a happy candidate, on the occasion of the operation “Discover More” launched by Harley-Davidson, appointed to be the adventurer who will embark in the greatest ride of his life.

During the summer, the lucky winner will embark on a journey ultimate, rolling motorcycle through more than 20 countries Europeans, finding the most beautiful roads and sharing its experience on social networks and the dedicated website. After a month of preparation and planning, this biker, accompanied every moment by a professional video team, will travel two months to report an extraordinary testimony of his journey.

Too good to be true? The chosen rider will begin his trip in may 2015. Applicants are encouraged to register on H – D.com / rider wanted and explain why they deserve to be the rider selected for this incredible experience. The registration deadline is March 20, 2015. The chosen biker will be notified in April. The count before this adventure of a lifetime will then start.

Bikers engaging in this initiative must have a European passport, a motorcycle permit, and above all an ability to share the story of their adventure with passion.

“Last year, we conducted a dry run to prepare the event Discover More 2015, which will launch an Ambassador at the handlebars of a Harley solo, to the discovery of the world and herself an unforgettable experience,” said Mike Johnston, Director of marketing at Harley-Davidson EMEA. “Discover More is the opportunity to discover how the most beautiful European routes at the controls of a Harley can mark a life.” We want to give as many want to live the unique experience offered by Harley-Davidson.”

Engage in Discover More

Later in the year, Harley-Davidson will provide all motorcyclists across Europe, the Middle East and Africa the chance to share the highlights of their travels. An online community, created by bikers for all bikers, regardless of the bike that they fly, will allow fans to search and discover the most beautiful roads and local sights to cause new desires of travel.

Discover More 2014 edition allowed motorcyclists from riding a motorcycle until the end of their dreams at a fantastic journey over four months. This year, a single biker will be mobilized to make this trip an extraordinary personal adventure.

To try your luck, Harley-Davidson invites you to visit the site www.h-d.com/ riderwanted and explain why you deserve to be the rider selected for this incredible experience. The deadline for entries is March 20, 2015 and will, April, if you are the happy chosen. Good luck.

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