Latest Triumph Tiger Explorer XC Special Edition 2015

The Triumph claims the state that “You never know where you’re going or what you will encounter on a Triumph Adventure bike. This is why we designed to cope while when you ride out, you and your triumph work as one, the conquest miles, varied terrain and obstacles on your way. Because according to Triumph :we be acquainted with that this is about where you can go with Triumph, just it’s how you get there.”

Latest Triumph Tiger Explorer XC Special Edition 2015
Latest Triumph Tiger Explorer XC Special Edition 2015(810 × 638)

The other side of the channel, our large neighbors Britons will enjoy this year of a version of the Tiger Explorer XC SE. It made the presentations.

If the ray Trail, is the GS that won all the votes in the heart of the adventurers, the English also have their word to say in this area with their Tiger Explorer whose heart beats to the rhythm of a three cylinder in-line of 1 215 cm 3 and an output of over 135 horses outside our borders.

And 2015, we neighbors English will be able to enjoy a version the Tiger Explorer XC SE Special Edition. What will differentiate it from the standard model, in addition to the color very flashy it will be also available in matte black for the less eccentric, is the emergence a high bubble of protection of Lighthouse and radiator, pare-housings, long lights scope of specific foot at CNC, a GPS with its support, a bag tank, lateral suitcases and a carry bag to accommodate Affairs our English neighbors during the long journeys which await them.

Latest Triumph Tiger Explorer XC Special Edition 2015
triumph tiger explorer xc special edition 2015(815 × 543)

Scheduled for the month of April and its tariff concessions Triumph of England is entering will be displayed at £13 999 €19 100. Only 50 machines will be produced! This surely explains the why of this rate of fly high.

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