BMW K 1600 GTL Project by Hot Dock Custom Cruise

In parallel to the work done by Ken’s Factory on the BMW K 1600 GTL, another preparer there was also little preparation. A fan of Mad Max, surely.BMW K 1600 GTL Project by Hot Dock Custom Cruise

Keiji Kawakita must be a stalwart of the Mad Max movie fanatic if one believes his final preparation. Patron of the company Hot Dock Custom Cycles, Keiji Kawakita responded present at the announcement launched by the Japanese of BMW Motorrad branch when it was asked of preparers to work on a basis for the less specific: the BMW K 1600 GTL.


The K1600 GTL is an imposing machine in its own right. Weight £767 (348 kg all full facts) and nearly 2.5 meters long, this is a bike for experienced riders.


Kenji Nagai plant opted for radical surgery on his K1600 GTL, the creation of a low-slung Dragbike stripped to the essentials.

All the rear part of the frame is gone, and the front was stretched and raked. It is a billet girder fork tailor-made in front, plus a wheel connected to a custom one-time 23-inch aluminium alloy 11.5 inch rotor.Out back is a solid 20 inch wheels, suspended by a swingarm tense and spectacular illuminated by an LED brake light. Floor of 220 section Avon Cobra rubber.

The bodywork is the bare minimum: aluminum forms first curvaceous who throw massive focus on the frame rails and the motor as heavy. Seat is aluminum, but this is not a bike for long trips.

Kawakita-san has amplified Visual essence, with a new body in aluminium of the nose to the tail. Powertrain mods are limited to custom made silencer and a new air box: the engine already provides a wall of torque, and enough power to propel the K1600 at 200kph.

The effect of exoskeleton gives a militarist, almost steampunk atmosphere-aided by pipes in aluminium following the contours of the new body panels and paint matte gray.

Cases of engines have been rehabilitated with an effect of aging, which is achieved through the switchgear mounted on measure bars gauges of brass on each side of the tank is the name of Herschel-a nod to the German astronomer who discovered Uranus in 1781 and joined the Court of King George III.

We imagine that this is the kind of machine that play in the upcoming movie Mad Max: Fury Road.

Flagship of the firm to the propeller, the K 1600 GTL excels when it comes to take the road and realize major sprees. When Keiji Kawakita looked at his bedside, it was far from thinking that he saw any other use like directed by Ken’s Factory, the GTL that served as base to fully been bare. In the workshops of Hot Dock Custom Cycles, they instead focused to give it a much less refined style, it looks like straight out of the latest installment of Mad Max. Firstly, there is this crude steel colour, but also this kind of skeleton and these many dials positioned on the tank that invite us to think. This is one of the most inspired style exercises that we have seen for many years.

Whether we like or not, it must still admit that this 1600 K made its small effect! You can’t find?

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By Oliver