FSBK News: Jonchiere is Illustrated in Le Mans

Full carton for the first round of the France Superbike Championship 2015, this weekend at le Mans. More than 8 500 viewers have taken place in the stands of the Circuit Bugatti du Mans to attend the first games of the France of Superbike Championship season.FSBK News: Jonchiere is Illustrated in Le Mans

FSBK at Le Mans, 1st Race: Doubled the GMT94

Hellish weather, the platoon of the Superbike undergoes a genuine carnage from the start of the first race. Many favorites are trap: Gregg Black (Suzuki), Gregory Leblanc (Kawasaki), Roman master (Suzuki) and David Muscat (Ducati) fall in the first two rounds.

Sebastien Gimbert (Honda) captured the head of the race, and gradually widens the gap on his pursuers. Although it is not threatened directly, the Race Experience pilot takes all the risk and improves his time at every turn.

Several Stock drivers take advantage of the situation to shine, as evidenced by the position of Kenny Foray (Yamaha) and Emeric Jonchiere (BMW) ambushed a few seconds behind Gimbert.Camille Hédelin (BMW) and David Checa (Yamaha), they engaged an intense battle. Hédelin undergoes the rate imposed by the Evo of Team GMT 94 pilot and is quickly distance.

Little by little, Checa manages to close the gap on his teammate and Jonchiere, even up to double the BMW driver. Gimbert, meanwhile, moves toward his first victory, before falling in the last round. Foray took the opportunity to take the lead in the race, followed by teammate Checa and Jonchiere.

The order will remain the same until the arrival to Yamaha and Christophe Guyot one team doubled unhoped-for.

Meanwhile, Black plays bad luck during this first race: well, very fast in the rain, Team LMS Suzuki driver will drop to twice, but is illustrated all the same by signing the best lap of the race in 1:52:369 keep the Black attack for the second race of this afternoon.

FSBK at Le Mans, 2nd Race: Black Bristled

Second race of the day, the red light turns off and the pilots soar… with the exception Desebastien Gimbert remaining literally stuck on the starting grid. The Stock Emeric Jonchiere pilot, who never ceases to surprise since the beginning of the weekend, continues its momentum looping assigned head tour, after party at the seventh place.

Gregg Black, determined to forget his performance with mixed results from the first race, points in the second to the fourth round, behind Jonchiere. The Suzuki rider has now more than a few tenths ahead of Sébastien Gimbert, increasingly pressing in blue S where it Experience seems very uncomfortable.

At the halfway point, David Muscat, very regular and applied, pointing to the fourth position, but this is definitely not the weekend of the Ducati rider who fall in the eighth round.

Bothered by a latecomer driver Gimbert is lead by Black in the seventh round. Although the gap is reduced between the two men, George will never close enough to wear his attack on Black, who manages to keep the Honda Pilot remotely without being worried.

While Black file straight to the finish line, Gimbert fall at the turn of the connection. Jonchiere gains and captured second place. Anthony Dos Santos Yamaha, author of a serious and regular race is it powered on the third step of the podium.

In the provisional standings, Jonchiere will arrive in leader in the Gers ahead Foray and Black.

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FSBK 2015: The provisional classification

  1. 21 Jonchiere Emeric BMW MC France Stock 16 20 BMW
  2. 194 Foray Kenny Team 6th Ave Stock 25 10 Yamaha
  3. 16 black Gregg Val de Vienne motorcycle Suzuki Evo 7 + 1 25 + 1
  4. 94 Checa Carrera David MC Motors Events Evo 20 11 Yamaha
  5. 7 Gimbert Sebastien CMC Paul Ricard Honda Evo 9 13
  6. 53 dos Santos Anthony MC Cannes Yamaha 1 16 Stock
  7. 72 Guittet Baptiste ASM ACO Suzuki 8 8 Stock
  8. 35 Mestrious Anthony MC Annemasse Kawasaki 10 5 Stock
  9. 11 DE KIMPE Arnaud ASM Croix en Ternois Kawasaki 13 1 Evo
  10. 113 Hédelin Camille BMW MC France BMW Stock 11 0
  11. 87 Schmidt Cyprien MC Passion speed Honda 0 9 Stock
  12. 39 Pouhair Nicolas MS Courneuvien BMW 0 7 Stock
  13. 14 Maccio Jimmy MC Monaco Kawasaki 0 6 Stock
  14. 303 Chougule Steven Viltais Yamaha Stock 6 0
  15. 65 Gerard Sebastien MC Angevin Yamaha Stock 5 0
  16. 17 Pons Gabriel ASM Armagnac Bigorre Kawasaki 2 3 Stock
  17. 12 Jaillet Emilien BMW MC France BMW 0 4 Stock
  18. 15 Salchaud Nicolas RMSC Villeurbanne Kawasaki Evo 4 0
  19. 67 Longearet Kevin MC Lunéville Suzuki Stock 3 0
  20. 23 mud Marco MC Montgesnois Kawasaki 0 2 Stock
  21. 1 Leblanc Gregory MS Courneuvien Kawasaki Evo 0 0 + 1
  22. 3 muscat David ASM Armagnac Bigorre Ducati Evo 0 + 1 0
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