Yamaha YZF-R1M Sold in European

YZF-R1M motorcycle race is a special version of the new R1, and comes with the higher specification of the plant enabling each rider racing and the track to discover their true potential.

Yamaha YZF-R1M Sold in European

Inertial measurement unit 6 axes (IMU) offers more traction controllability, lift the front wheel, braking slither and instigate. YZF-R1M control of communication with the GPS unit allows to watch the chronos and other data running on an Android-based Tablet and Racing electronic Suspension of R1M (ERS) provides the ultimate handling.

With its engine 200PS of seated, chassis short wheelbase, 3D control and exclusive carbon body electronics, R1M brings the technology factory bike M1 derived to private owners.

It would seem that €22 999 applications to acquire the M version of the latest Yamaha R1 is not disturbed big world…

Available for pre-order from some long weeks, Yamaha YZF-R1M has managed to find its public. If it is already known that the templates for the France stock was already exhausted last December, or one month after his first appearance at the salon of Milan, for the rest of European countries, there were a few models to sell.

Yamaha YZF-R1M Sold in European

But since yesterday, it’s all over everything! all R1M promised to the European market we do not know the exact number have found biker in their saddle. It is also true that with this version seriously reworked the R1, the three Diapason company has struck a blow.

For those wanting the there’ll you be as you cast off from the “tout court” R1. Okay okay, you won’t dynamic suspension Ohlins, carbon fairings, specific colour, data acquisition or even your ticket for the laps with Colin Edwards at the Yamaha Racing Experience, but you’ll save at the crossing €4 500. Tires, a few precious liters of gasoline and days track for fun with your new toy!

On the other hand, is me would tell you that one should not delay to appear a few R1M “second-hand” for sale ads sites. With a price which might even be above its rate of marketing… Thing that it is not uncommon to see into the world of the automobile!

The main difference between the R1 and R1M is the postponement suspensions. The standard motobike come up to with entirely adjustable KYB forks, shock and the M has Öhlins Electronic Suspension Racing (ERS), which works in collaboration with intelligent, six-axis inertial measurement (UMI) internal gyroscope of the Yamaha unit. spring rates are on the standard R1 to deal with hard track use.

Using the data collected from the IMU, the R1 knows if it is hard-pressed, spinning, acceleration, judgment, adding together a traction control or make a cup of tea. For the R1M these data is used to continuously adjust the rebound and compression to the inside of the rear shock absorber and fork damping, as well as control the brakes, traction and slip the bound control.

You can run the ERS in a number of modes of adjustment, to refine the same depreciation, or put all the system off, so you’re left with manually normal adjustable suspension.

The system gives you the suspension set up perfect every step of the technique charitable you maximum grip, self-confidence stability and its softens over the bumps and stiffens when supported braking and acceleration and we are talking about Öhlins forks and shock here, therefore the quality of ride is zero other reciprocate and plusher than the standard bike.

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