AJP PR5 Extreme Bike Enduros Review 2015

AJP is back with test today the top of Portuguese brand Extreme PR5 an enduro 250 4-time typed leisure but however not lacking sports skills. Told you everything and immediately.

It knows AJP for its leisure enduros simple and intended to Mr everyone. However, as the Enduro, uniform infrequent are never against the idea of riding a rewarding motorcycle, they often turn to more sophisticated urbane contestants and more expensive.

AJP PR5 Extreme Bike Enduros Review 2015

The Portuguese brand has understood and now offers its motorcycles in declination Extreme, better equipped than standard versions. Therefore with the AJP PR5 Extreme 2015, and accompanied by Marc Morales, we randonnerons today without anything save the bike…

AJP PR5 Extreme has Good Euipments

Before we throw in the Creuse paths, take the time to detail the AJP PR5 Extreme equipment. A motorcycle that has nothing to envy to some heavy weight of all-terrain, cher paraphernalia to the endorse is present, with a true engine clog, hand guards, a translucent fuel tank and radiator fan.

But that is not all, this Extreme declension pours into the racing spirit with red hubs and black rims, machined fork tees, Galfer brake discs including the front oversize and semi floating would pale a Japanese, a muffler Doma and footrests racing rather cool. In short, the equipment does default: handlebar foam and the account is good.

Some will no doubt regret the absence of a kick, guarantee of safety in the event of failure of the electric starter. Furthermore, on this trial bike, some elements are not series: clutch hydraulics (of origin, a Reikon model quick adjustment ring mounted), protection of silencer alu and protections of radiators. All are available as an option.

AJP PR5 Extreme Slight Lack of Comfort

Once in the saddle, ergonomics has nothing unusual: only the flight deck high enough little confuse at first, but you eventually find its place without too much trouble helped by a very honourable finesse of the motorcycle. We are far from having a tank between the knees and it is significant. Now is the time for hiking, and soon realizes that the PR5 is unyielding but sufficient. This deciphers mainly you can say particularly into “quiet tourist” mode “a slight lack of overall comfort.

Side suspensions, a first third of more flexible race would be displeasing to us. Fork Marzocchi, one knows for him having already practiced on other motorcycles Racing GasGas and Beta Factory especially, and his rather dry first centimeters are still lacking. When this cap, the work of the fork is very correct with rather healthy reactions, can type very, she will receive the shock.

AJP PR5 Extreme Bike Enduros Review 2015

Conversely, the shock seems a “lazy” hair and seems to work only on its first third: there also, a little more progressivity would not be denied. However the rear wheel performance is excellent. For doing a bit of paved paths and climbing rather wet and littered roots, I have noticed that the traction was to go, but I will come back a little later.

In the technique, the PR5 is doing very well. They shall say that AJP is an extremely playful motorcycle, but its handling is not to doubt. Memory, my PR5 from 2013 gave a feeling of perched high weight: on the Extreme model, this is already much better. And this can be explained in part by weight gain: 5 kg less with approximately of 1 kg won on the silencer. The front brake offers a good compromise between power and progressiveness. Finally I really enjoyed procured grip of the footrests.

AJP PR5 Extreme Vaillant Engine

Motor side, I must say that it is surprising that little 250. And in the right direction! Do not expect a war machine cut for the competition, but have a negative bias on the potential of the Asian engine would be a mistake. For where that one is past – and we did not necessarily seek ease during our hike -the PR5 got away without blinking.

First of all, devoid of violence and roundness foolproof, the cylinder is very easy to grip: anyone can live with it. However, this is not an either lung and it has enough to meet a sudden nose on gas and afford some clutch shots to “boost” in front of a hole. The attack and the explosion of support are not his chosen field but it will be more than enough fun hike.

AJP PR5 Extreme Bike Enduros Review 2015

But where this mechanical surprised me the most, it’s Crossing! In the climbs and pebbles, at very low revs in second, while we think stalling from one moment to the next, the PR5 valiantly continues to rise unabated. Engine behavior keeps the grip to the rear wheel at all times. The air of nothing, it has strength that 250 AJP: not expressive, it does its job and allows to start from scratch in the middle of a rise in stones and regain grip quickly.

Besides the technical parts can also cruiser pleasantly in the paths with a further report. To summarize, this is an engine that can answer largely at the request of enduro riders who want to hike with ease without necessarily bypass crossings.

Test Conclusion:

If AJP does not have a “big brand” is not so far that you can not have fun riding the PR5 Extreme. Far from it! The engine does not overflow horses, but it is constant over the entire rev range and makes the job no matter what. Well calibrated, the management of the injection provides fullness and ease of handling.

Without you stick a pump stroke in the hindquarters to the acceleration, the force is there, giving a small effect “tractor” surprising when you have to tackle a climb. The engine character seems quite suitable for recreational sports use.

What is missing may be most at AJP PR5 Extreme, it’s a bit of comfort: the highly rigid frame allows it to be accurate and gain vivacity, but more flexible and progressive suspensions are not a luxury during the long day of hiking. Some put the custom point will probably be necessary for the most demanding.

So even if the Asian engine may put off some, a new 250 Enduro Four-stroke, well equipped and 2 year warranty parts and labor to € 6590. There is something to think twice.

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