Ducati Scrambler Dirt Track Concept

We won’t have to get accustomed to multiple versions and interpretations of the Ducati Scrambler, but if they are so successful as the Ducati Scrambler Dirt Track Concept prototype the truth is that we don’t care. It’s a one-off in principle of Ducati Thailand for Bangkok Hall, a more sporty interpretation of the model for the off-piste as its name suggests.Ducati Scrambler Dirt Track Concept

This spectacular creation uses the own catalogue Ducati Performance parts and other exclusive to set up a bike dirt-track that already I’d like to have Andrea Dovizioso or Andrea Iannone to train. With these details:

  • Metal faceplate with specific optics.
  • Upholstered in leather aluminium tank.
  • Elimination of the fender.
  • Escape from Titanium with insulating material.
  • Knobby tires Pirelli Scorpio Rally.
  • Rear light integrated into the seat.
  • Specific footpegs.

All a work of art on wheels with less things changed with respect of series that look like simple view.

From the Thai division of the Italian firm Ducati comes a very interesting prototype created on the Ducati. This scramble  a trial product of endure on hand to be presented to the public also in  the Bangkok show under the name of Ducati Scrambler Dirt Tracker Concept 2015.

The Ducati Scrambler Dirt Tracker Concept rides with special light metal faceplate, the deposit is made out of aluminum and upholstered with sufficient leather piece. The fenders have been mislaid or omitted. Ducati Scramble has insulation titanium aggressive exhaust; the taillight is located within the seat. The set fits tires Pirelli Scorpio Rally.

The work has been possible thanks to Ducati Perfomance which has made it possible to create this Scrambler Dirt Tracker with their equipments or new tech parts. On this new generation dirt Scramble we are confident and assure that will not be the last creation of the signature on the Scrambler.

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By Oliver

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