Motorcycle news TT Trial 2014: Gas Gas TXT Pro and Racing

The Spanish manufacturer Gas Gas, principal actor on the segment of Trial, raises the veil on his new ranges Gas Gas TXT Pro and TXT Racing. Re-examined ergonomics drives out with the weight and final improvements driving are part of the modifications made over these new years 2014.

Motorcycle news TT Trial 2014: Gas Gas TXT Pro and Racing

Gas Gas TXT Racing 2014

For 2014, Gas Gas leaned seriously on the question of the weight of its motorcycles Trial. The news TXT Racing thus receives new redrawn and low-fat t-pieces of fork. The shock absorber sees its oil tank repositioned and moved away from the external sources of heat in order to increase and to prolong its output during rolling.

It is Reider which takes care of the new shock absorber on Gas Gas TXT Racing 2014. The settings of suspensions are identical to those of TXT Factory Replica 2013. Always inspired of TXT Factory 2013, the brake before TXT Racing is updated; the motorcycle has from now on a disc Wave Golfer lighter and a clamp of cast solid brake. The master-cylinder of brake before fact also new skin: it is from now on anodic black with lid aluminum color titanium.

Motorcycle news TT Trial 2014: Gas Gas TXT Pro and Racing

Always with the ray braking, the clamp of brake postpones “auto stand” exclusive with Gas Gas allows an easy and fast change aft wheel. In accordance with regulation FIM, the crown of transmission receives an adhesive protection so that the crown is full. The steering column is now sealed in order to prevent the entry of water and mud in the bearings. The Rental handlebar “was simplified”: it does not have any more but essence, the ordering of lighting from now on being placed on the side of the tank.

In the paragraph of the engine, there is also the new one. The box with air changes in order to offer a better circulation of air and a curve of more progressive power. The lid intern who protects the filter was adapted to facilitate maintenance. The master-cylinder of clutch receives the same completion as that of the front brake. Gas Gas TXT racing use the same exhaust as Gas Gas TXT Factory Replica. 250 TXT racing from now on is equipped with a Keihin carburetor. The cartography was re-examined in order to answer as well as possible the changes operated on the motorization.

Motorcycle news TT Trial 2014: Gas Gas TXT Pro and Racing

Gas Gas TXT Pro 2014

The range TXT Pro also receives new Master-cylinders, more powerful and ergonomic that their predecessors, but also more corrosion resistant. The switch making it possible to pass from a curve of lighting to another is placed on a plastic mask of the part superior of the framework.

The radiator of cooling is new, its weight and its volume was decreased while increasing its capacity of cooling. All which changes Requires new fixings on the framework and the displacement of some electric components. A new fuel tank comes out, this last having allowed a reduction of weight of 200 grams and, although it appears smaller, it has the same capacity as the previous model.

The box with air of Gas Gas TXT Pro evolves in the same way that on TXT Racing, with performance in rise and maintainability like objective. The exit of exhaust comes from the models Replica and Racing. A new cylinder head, directly connected to the radiator, makes its appearance. All which changes bring a curve of more progressive and soft power?

Finally Gas Gas TXT Pro and the TX Racing which, let us recall it, are declined each one into four cubic capacity (125, 250.280 and 300 Cm3), receive a news deco inspired by the motorcycles of the world championship of Trial.

Motorcycle news TT Trial 2014: Gas Gas TXT Pro and Racing

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