Ducati Scrambler SC-Rumble 2016

The Ducati Scrambler is the contemporary interpretation of the iconic Ducati model, as if he had never ceased to be produced. The style is “post-heritage”: take the best of the past and create something unique and totally contemporary.

Ducati Scrambler SC-Rumble 2016

Nonconformist, accessible and reduced to the essentials, the Ducati Scrambler is the perfect mix between tradition and modernity, marking a return to the essence of motorcycling: two wheels, wide handlebars, a single engine and a lot of fun.
However, new Ducati Scrambler has not only become the most cool model and hipster (motorcycles hipster) of the Ducati range, also helping the brand robe monthly sales records and contributing to a fever preparations. The latter is a three-way collaboration between Ducati, Pirelli tires Pirelli MT60 with serial RS and the Italian coach Vibrazioni Art Design. The result is the Ducati Scrambler SC-Rumble, emphasizing the plus side retro street fighter.

Ducati Scrambler SC-Rumble 2016
The model keeps your engine, but changes the geometry of the chassis, now monologue and cut on the back, and change the design of parts keeled, now made of aluminum. Another differential point lenticular wheel is fitted to the above mixed Pirelli tires. Creation continues with the ‘more warriors’ handlebar Ducati Streetfighter 848, a rear suspension ambitious in its sporty handling and a specific exhaust Termignoni.

The Ducati Scrambler SC Rumble is crowned with a perforated metal dome enshrines a circular optic contours smoked with LED lights. Welcome all the hype of the Ducati Scrambler if it comes from the hand of creations like this. You like it?

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