kawasaki h2r vs super cars

If you have seen The City of Fear (film Dummies) you probably remember this existential question: “Who is the strongest, the hippopotamus or elephant? “.

This is obviously the same kind of questions we want to answer the guys from Super Street Magazine, opposing Kawasaki H2R the finest modern supercars. Having cut his teeth on the McLaren MP4-12C and have barely more struggled to get rid of a Bugatti Veyron pushed to 1200 horses, bomb Akashi eventually be calm for a “simple” Nissan GT-R. Finally, simple is easy to say: this monster built by SP Engineering develops a whopping 1,350 hp. The honor is except …
With the appearance of a racing machine like Kawasaki H2R, it was to be expected duels. Sure enough, Super Street Magazine pitted Akashi of the thoroughbred supercars three overpowering.

To recap, the supercharged 998cc Kawasaki H2R delivers a whopping 326cv (with RAM Air), the road version of the H2, do offer “only” 210cv. In light of 216kg (fully fueled) Kawasaki H2R, as saying that it must Severe filling operations!

Soon you will read on AcidMoto.ch test drive the H2. But meanwhile, we offer three duels below. It took a nissan GTR surboostée to 1’350cv to stand up to the H2R during the year 1/2 mile standing start.

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