Trail Rider X-Over Bike by Avon

On the occasion of the presentation of its new tire for large trails, the TrailRider manufacturing Avon we present via a concept for the BMW based on less sympathetic …
According to the manufacturer, the new pneumatic TrailRider is one of the most advanced Avon tires in terms of technology. The opportunity for them to present it on a machine which is not a big trail, target of TrailRider …Trail Rider X-Over Bike by Avon

It is with this concept bike BMW base the X-Over TrailRider Avon – Avon wants to ensure the buzz and the same time start promoting his new rubber. To make it simple and efficient, the Avon TrailRider required two years of work, focusing on the latest technology carcass AVB-D Advanced Variable Belt Density to give rigidity and flexibility at the right places. It also benefits from a belt without steel ring 0 degrees around the circumference of the tire and the latest tread tri-gum Avon!Trail Rider X-Over Bike by Avon
In case of heavy rain, the technology of “3D siping” and FAE sculpture Enhanced Aqua Flow evacuates water faster. Available in a wide range of sizes, Avon TrailRider address the medium displacement motorcycles and sport bikes and big cars, including the BMW GS range, the Suzuki V-Strom 650 and 1000, the Yamaha Super Ténéré Adventure KTM and Triumph Tiger 800 and Explorer.

Avon TrailRider sizes:

  1. 80/90-21 – 48S -TL
    90/90-21 – 54V – TL
    100/90-19 – 57H – TL
  2. 110/80R19 – 59V – TL
    120/70R19 – 60V – TL
    120/70ZR17 – (58W) – TL
  3. 110/80-18 – 58S – TL
    120/80-18 – 62S – TL
    120/90-17 – 64S – TL
    130/80-17 – 65H – TL
    140/80-18 – 70S – TL
  4. 130/80R17 – 65H – TL
    140/80R17 – 69V – TL
    150/60R17 – 66H – TL
    150/70R17 – 69V – TL
    160/60ZR17 – (69W) – TL
    170/60R17 – 72V – TL
    180/55ZR17 – (73W) – TL
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