Kawasaki Ninja H2 Road Monster Test

If there is a motorcycle that made the buzz during the winter 2014-2015, is the Kawasaki Ninja H2! Kawasaki has used the teasing marketing process gradually unveil a new product to introduce to the market its new ground-ground missile. The Ninja H2 is a technological showcase itself and represents all the know-how of the Kawasaki group.

Kawasaki Ninja H2 Road Monster Test

H2, the most of us already know this name. In the 70s, particularly since 1971-1975, Kawasaki produces H2 Mach IV 750, an evolution of the popular 500 Mach III. The figures, for the moment, they were suggestive performance. The three-cylinder 748cc 2-stroke develops 74cv almost 7’000tr / min and 750 propelled H2 over 200 km / h. Forty years after stopping its production, here the signing of Akashi is back and completely unusual motorcycle is developed, like its predecessor. Aesthetically and technologically, we could describe it for hours.

Believing the many enigmas that have graced its presentation facilities, Kawasaki have called on all trades that make the Kawasaki Heavy Industries Group. Aeronautics industry gas turbine, through the engine genius, Ninja H2 is a concentration of technology.

Kawasaki Ninja H2 Road Monster Test

H2 Ninja favor adopts a line of evolution:

Even before the details is its design that attracts! Unlike all supersport, H2 Ninja favor adopts a line of evolution very high-speed, minimizing air resistance shameful to allow maximum speed. We must remember that the Ninja H2 is a civilized version, but especially for legalized highway driving, the end H2R Ninja 326cv engine delivers the fairing is made of carbon and titanium exhaust.

Unique from every angle, its design agrees. Some delights them and they see a work of art whose lines are dictated by the laws of fluid mechanics. To complete the picture, Kawasaki has stamped the famous “Rio Marcos”, the original logo of Kawasaki Heavy Industries subsequently used for exceptional models.

In addition, the black metallic paint with contrasting green trellis steel frame gleaming mirror (yes, Akashi has adopted the lattice frame) rehausse yet the overall look of the bike.

And new Kawasaki is the adoption of a single-sided swingarm, which thus highlights the unique design of the forged alloy rim. Continuing the theme of esthetics, we note that the Ninja H2 is proposed with a solo seat, giving priority to the pleasure of acceleration and top speed.

Visually assert its claims, the Ninja H2 has a lighthouse as a lens LED projector; one light beam ensures functions and long-range lights and lights, also it took place either side of the lens. Great art for the countries of the Rising Sun with drawn and cut lines sickle, very different standards transalpine where lines are made of curves while sensuality. With Ninja H2, the doors of the role of science opens.

Kawasaki Ninja H2 Road Monster Test

Mechanically everything is exclusive:

One model, which shares nothing with the range of Kawasaki. The Ninja H2 is the very representation of exclusivity. To consult the press release very substantive, we found the bike, its components, the reason for the use of certain materials, technical details … Ninja H2 fascinates even before we take into the saddle. Let’s look first at the heart of the beast, its four-cylinder inline delivering a whopping 210cv with Ram Air forced air 11’000tr / min.

Until then, nothing fancy, the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R ZZR 1400 and do the same. What is striking is its compressor! In fact, the 998cc is supercharged by a compressor driven by a chain, and this is what it promises all the difference. The compressor has been chosen for the simple reason that it is much more compact and lighter than a turbo; in fact, no need for an intercooler cooling system or ducts redirect the exhaust gases. Also, developed exclusively by Kawasaki Ninja H2, the compressor provides additional torque at low revs which does not allow turbo and increases the power at high rpm. Its maximum rotation speed reaches 130’000tr / min and compressed air at 2.4 bar (to H2R). To accept this level of pressure, the air box is designed reinforced aluminum and is home to only the fuel injectors and intake tract. The air filter that occurring upstream of the compressor.

Without going into the technical details of the mechanics, who already realized that nothing H2 Ninja designing a conventional motorcycle and is incomparable to his two sisters and ZX-10R ZZR 1400. In short, when it opens in general, the accelerator Ninja of H2, engine response is immediate and the torque is available immediately. And speeding … let’s stop reading what follows.

To outperform the engine, with Kawasaki Ninja H2 subjugated their brakes. Brembo has been designated, without hesitation and with good reason. There are two huge 330mm diameter discs held by very effective monoblock radial calipers M50. In addition, rarity in Japanese machines, the brakes are complemented by aviation type hose, resistance and the promise of constancy in heavy use. At the rear, we are content with a single 250mm disc and a caliper with two pistons.

Side-part cycle, suspensions manufacturer Kayaba (KYB) take this exclusive Kawasaki to launch its new model, the racing fork AOS II. It is based on models cartridges motocross bikes separate air without oil. Tubes Black 43 mm diameter are in compression and relaxation preload, directly above.

The rear shock absorber is attached to the system Unitrack and enjoy the same settings. The Good Stuff, no doubt, but it is surprising that Kawasaki has chosen to ignore the inescapable Swedish manufacturer (note: Öhlins).

However, the steering damper Öhlins be badged and is distinguished by its ability to interact with the central unit by adjusting automatically according to the speed of the motorcycle and finally, the electronics have to match the ambitions of mechanics. In a few lines, electronic firecrackers Staffing Kawasaki Ninja H2:

Kawasaki Ninja H2 Road Monster Test

KTRC Traction control, with three preset modes, with the ability to refine the factory settings on a more or less level; Help KLMC initially arrested lauch control at three levels, limiting the sliding of the rear wheel and the limitation to optimize the wheel acceleration;

KEBC engine brake management on two levels (Coke):

Sports intelligent KIBS ABS, nearly identical to the ZX-10R but specifically for Ninja recalibrated for H2. Besides optimizing braking by limiting wheel lock regulates braking between the rear and front prevents stoppie and wheels; Quickshifter KQS for tickets informs one to one as fast as lightning first rapid change Kawasaki fitted as standard.

Electronic steering damper Öhlins, adapting to the speed:

Only the dashboard resists modernization. While many bicycles as defined technological proudly display a color LCD screen, Kawasaki shown with its analogue tachometer and conventional monochrome LCD. Fortunately, not necessary appliances including display pressure level and temperature turbine.Kawasaki Ninja H2 Road Monster Test

H2 Tame the Ninja:

The key to the Ninja H2 also bears the logo “Marcos River”, the tone is set. No keyless, you also have to insert the key in the Neimann. We settle on board the same way they would in a sports car. The weight of the upper body rests on the wrists. The legs bend. The bike is longer than the ZX-10R, but shorter than the ZZR 1400; Therefore, the arms are extended and the position is not too extreme. Therefore, it can be assumed that the position is comfortable on the experienced in sports. The diaper is held together by two rubber protrusions (depth adjustable in two positions) on the back of the chair; during hard acceleration, there is no need to hold on to the handle of the belt. The saddle is however quite difficult and narrow enough to remember that we are dealing with a sporty, pure and simple car.

You turn the key and the dash lights. Engine snorts in a tone begins to turn hard and metallic. Nothing fancy unless the ambient sound exudes power. Suffice fewest strokes gas without even climb the towers to confirm.

The first report is downright locks waving the bike. The clutch control is flexible, the slipper clutch is not there for nothing. Release, one realizes his surgical precision. The pair of four-cylinder motorcycle springs light accelerator. Relationship changed manually until the mechanical heating and not to use the rapid change that is well calibrated to gear changes at high speed. It is wrapped gently but surely. Taming the Ninja before daring H2 mechanical tickle.

Remain low in the towers or below 5’000tr / min, the engine is smooth and does not suffer any problems injection. It is a true four-cylinder. Full of torque, there will be grumbling when cruising in higher gears when crossing a town, stalled at 50km / h. Of 4’000tr / min, one feels that the compressor starts dancing. If you are not gentle with the throttle, it is likely to undergo some unpleasant shocks. We left almost say that the Ninja H2 is a civilized machine. But it’s nothing …!

Kawasaki Ninja H2 Road Monster Test

A Ninja H2, this turbine:

Beyond 5’000tr / min, the load compressor and fresh air gave four cylinders. Any rotation of the accelerator pushed the bike. With a good dose of courage to try, for the first time, and the second report, to open wide. We think that violent, but it is much more than that; in fact, the H2 is a real Ninja, waiting to get whipped a raw gas Greatest Hits. Literally stuck against the “rest buttocks” one grasps the mnhandle strap and pray that the bike is not removed. Phenomenal acceleration is experienced as a real power of baptism. Never before have we experienced such a surge. The big supersport 1000 and another Hayabusa and ZZR 1400 are by far not up! The avalanche of power and torque tests the traction control and anti-wheelie and … is glissouille, even with the continued intervention of electronics to relieve gas. And, a pulse is not stopped in the shifter, rapid change is responsible for passing the third report blocks smoothly and the front wheel stops searching the sky.

In the last three, which regains consciousness and, from the corner of the eye, we pair the counter showing a rate starting with the number 2 on the … to relieve gas, the risk of being abused by unsere liebe Frau Via Sicura (Note: the new measures introduced in the CSF of “Swiss roads safer”). At this time, the compressor discharge suddenly, accompanied by a shrill whistle. The engine brake is very present and the bike slows abruptly, as if the engine was a large twin 90 °.

Kawasaki Ninja H2 Road Monster Test

At full throttle, physiologically, something unusual happens. First, wide in the first three reports require a good deal of courage and physical strength, and secondly, the whole body is shaken by the acceleration. It would have been interesting to measure the acceleration and define how the organization endured g. Ninja H2 This is crazy! So imagine the sensations aboard the Ninja H2R, which in turn develops 100 hp more!

The straight line is beautiful, and the acceleration of steam after a day’s work, no doubt! But Ninja H2 has an advanced chassis that offers excellent dynamic capabilities. Needless to say that if the lattice frame is able to capitalize 326cv Ninja H2R, has no difficulty to manage the power of the Ninja H2. Rigidity is the appointment, it is a fact.

As for the Kayaba suspensions, the factory settings are right next to the road use of this test. It does not feel shaken the slightest imperfection asphalt. However, information feedback blameless. The front is incisive and goes exactly where asked. The Ninja H2 does not result in the imperfection and guided as in a channel. In neighboring France and Germany where speed limits are little more permissive and less numerous radars, we delight in long curves to borrow very own steady pace trajectories something.

And as soon as one falls to some reports, the devil gets drunk for the craziest party. Keyed to the third report, it goes without saying that one has a sufficient reserve torque to get (more) vigorously and is an extension to tickle the prison cell (Via Sicura, again!) Close to the switch. In the corner, we were all smooth with the throttle. As we revealed earlier, the brake motor is important, even in “light” position. There are two possibilities for the pilot, who is coming fast cornering and braking using engine braking to bring the bike to the rope and then honestly exceed or remain constant speed through the curve to take care not to cut / rebase to lower shake.

Kawasaki Ninja H2 Road Monster Test

The action of the throttle grip is so sensitive that one could easily destabilize feel while we’re on the corner. Even worse, on slippery surfaces, you may lose the back. Exercise is not easy, but quickly made, and in this moment you get off! In all cases, the H2 Ninja is a savage and bestial bike that must be tamed.

At the exit of turn, it opens wide, trusting electronics and very soft compound Bridgestone Battlax rear tire RS01 to shoes. Despite his grip close to a spot, the movement is undermined, as the torque values ​​are high. Fortunately, the traction control is listening and allows us to draw the curve of efficiency.

At high speed, when it comes to balancing the Ninja H2 from left to right, the weight of the machine felt. It is less intense than a ZX-10R, which itself is lighter by almost 40 kilos!

And when it is sown on the brakes because the curve still saw now staring us in the face, you can count on both discs Brembo and powerful M50. The attack is frank and the dose is perfection. As for pure energy, the front tire hardly expected. Luckily, the good sport calibrated ABS handle extreme situations. By contrast, it is again the weight of the Ninja H2 noted during the year. Weight, do not have to slow down and feel good. But road use, weight is not a handicap.

Kawasaki Ninja H2 Road Monster Test

In addition, we will discuss the use of roads and every day! Naturally, like all motorcycles powerful and motorcycles mainly four cylinders just waiting to tickle the red zone for a minimum of sensations, the Ninja H2 has to be rolled beyond 80 kmh allowed localities out for appreciate its mechanics. Therefore, often we traveled to France and Germany where speed limits are higher and the road is less intense repression. In terms of ergonomics and driving comfort, the Kawasaki is not an abnormally uncomfortable or end supercar, then perfectly acclimated to Swiss roads. And with overeating and power of the bike, fuel consumption is not very high and stabilized during our test in liters of seven and a half percent average kilometers driven. As for the range of services is the norm, all 12,000 km under vacuum with a timing control valve every 24,000 kilometers. Apart unbridled consumption of soft tires, the H2 is a bike Ninja to all pockets.

Test Monster Conclusion:

Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle H2 is a completely unusual and is comparable to any other, not to mention the fact that she needs to be tamed. A futuristic style, an indefinite vocation, exotic engine, exquisite materials, a high level of finish, riding awesome feeling which is the case to say!, Going to buy the Ninja brand H2 green passion and to satisfy their quest for exclusivity Note: 46 models of circulation in Swiss roads this year / none in France. It is neither a true sport track trail are taken regularly to write time-sheets or a sports tourism which they will leave for the weekend. This is a standalone product, but above all an object of art, both stylistically and mechanically, which only a lucky few will win!

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