Suzuki Recursion the Turbine is Launched 2016 Bike Concept

Suzuki turbo Moto will indeed become a reality. Recently a number of patents filed by the mark revealed exactly which direction is oriented development. One day or other concessions, recursion? Since the presentation at the Tokyo Motor Show 2013, this twin supercharged sports, the question in many minds.Suzuki Recursion the Turbine is Launched 2016 Bike Concept

End of 2014, the press announced the Japanese motorcycle, but without presenting tangible elements, the number of cycling was in the pipes. A few months later, this assumption tends to confirm, according to recently submitted by the Japanese manufacturer several patents. These patents, which spent some models under the eyes, the concern of a motorcycle equipped with a dual capable of developing 100 hp at 8 kt / min and a torque of 7.5 mkg line 588 cm3 500 rev / min. But above all these documents provide detailed information about the technologies used by Suzuki.

A determined by the technical style

Recursion proto opted for a view in the center of the single bubble, the ongoing development team seems to have an optical camera leaves a generous opening at its center. A more interesting solution massively heat exchanger air power – air and cool air and hot exhaust air from the rear of the bike. Again very clearly that the air line to the air outlet at the base of the subframe.Suzuki Recursion the Turbine is Launched 2016 Bike Concept

A single camshaft

The small double Suzuki is obviously equipped with a simple chain controlled act between the cylinders, which seems consistent in the case of a turbocharged engine that does not need to operate at high speed to find horses. Moreover, this solution has the merit of offering more compactness and lightness. Two valuable benefits for a machine designed to be small and nervous.

A turbo

While Kawasaki employs a centrifugal compressor engine driven through a chain for the performance of its H2 in the fresh air, Suzuki has selected the turbo solution (using the kinetic energy of the exhaust gases). Advantage of the latter: performance, better than the compressor. Disadvantage: a moment of entry into operation of longer hair. But modern turbos have made progress in this scheme still called “11”, reveals a turbo placed relatively close to the exhaust manifold, which also has the effect of reducing the response time the change of respondents. The food always, we realize that process by direct injection of fuel into the combustion chamber is not yet defined in the motorcycle world since the injectors are placed in the inlet pipe, upstream of the head lines cylinder. However, it seems that Suzuki has succumbed to the cause of Paseo wire for butterflies gas control.

An air – air exchanger shown in the diagrams. Its role is to cool the air compressed by the turbo optimal density for engine performance. The volume of this ex-changer, under the driver’s seat and cooled himself carefully with a long column of air between frame beams, it seems quite considerable very close to that of a water cooler, leading to a pressure relatively high momentum, too.

Suzuki Recursion the Turbine is Launched 2016 Bike Concept

A classic cycle parts

No questions to blur the identity of recursion “turbo” with other technological singularities. With the exception of rocker swing sided seen in the concept, the machine is being developed by Suzuki should be based on a transmission presence of a very classic with the selection bar and links to earth more classic which also is a way to limit the cost of a bicycle will be public. Note that part seems very close, as it has loaded rocker receive one outer side rear axles. Similarly, we see the doc entitled “Fig. 15” that the fuel tank remains in high position and does not migrate in part under the saddle like many modern motorcycles however, the air filter in the lower position.

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