Yamaha MT-25 World’s Best Motorcycles 2015

The highly anticipated Yamaha MT-25 for the Asian market is a reality, the advance of the Yamaha MT-03 for the German, France and other EU marketplace. The parallel exposed twin power engine of 249 cc which reimbursement from the minimalist design of the MT range to offer a valid agility for urban areas. The MT-03 European sure that equips the 321 cc engine and 42 horsepower that come closest to the limits of A2 license.

Yamaha MT-25 World's Best Motorcycles 2015

the Yamaha MT-25 in its final version that it roadster is simply a version of the sport décarénée R25 sold in Southeast Asia since a good year. So there is no doubt that the Yamaha range Europe in 2016 will have a new twin engine roadster available to holders of category A2 and logically, it should take over the drive of sports Yamaha R3, puffy twin of the R25. Remains to know his name.Yamaha MT-25 World's Best Motorcycles 2015

MT-03 is already taken by the single-cylinder 660 cm3, can be expected to MT-321. Or more seller, MT-32. Or simply MT-3. The die is cast, response in September …The bike is a shot for what usually offer motorcycles in Indonesia. Enjoy 35.5 hp, with maximum torque of 23 Nm and a weight in running order of 164 kilos. When combined with a deposit of 14 liters have a naked high-end market, an equally well-balanced price.Yamaha MT-25 World's Best Motorcycles 2015

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