TCS Vaud Courses in the Field “All Inclusive”

When temperatures rise, how to resist a drive or bike? The patrollers TCS are there for you in case of breakdown, even if big problem, for example related to the vehicle electronics. TCS’s experts perform repairs on site in more than 8 out of 10 cases, or drive your vehicle in the garage of your choice.

TCS Vaud Courses in the Field All Inclusive

When the terrain gets to the service road. Motorcyclists confirmed as beginners, come experience the thrills and chills riding a motorbike, improve your reactions and hone your sense of balance through as diverse as full years.
Equipment of choice as well as Enduro bikes and trial are available to participants. Only condition to participate in this day of learning under the sign of conviviality: hold a valid motorcycle license.
This new terrain motorcycle driving course is offered by the Vaud section of TCS in Bullet in the Jura Vaudois.

Course objectives:

  • Recognize danger
  • Avoid danger
  • Control the hazard
  • Know the limits of adhesion on the ground and make the link with the road
  • Because more about his car, we all stand to gain.


  • The welcome, the theory and the distribution of groups and provides safety guidelines are held at the Café-
  • Restaurant of Cluds Bullet.
  • The movement is then by bus to the track.
  • The groups comprise a maximum of 6 participants.
  • The course then alternates theoretical and practical Bullet on track.

In one day, the participant will learn to:

  • Braking on slippery ground
  • Maneuverability with trials
  • Balance
  • Maneuverability dynamic enduro
  • Courses with enduro descents, climbing turn and sliding the rear wheel
  • Final exercise that summarizes the whole day.

The theoretical part will discuss the following topics in particular:

  • Meaning, Look, Eye Contact
  • The tire grip on the ground
  • Distance braking and reaction, residual velocity
  • Amenities


Bullet track at a place called The Rogneux near Ste-Croix (Vaud)

Directions: GoogleMaps

Dates and prices:

  • The course starts at 08:00 and ends around 17:00.
  • A reception (coffee, croissants) is provided at the Café-Restaurant of Cluds Bullet.
  • A comprehensive insurance deductible of CHF 1,500 francs, coffee, croissant, lunch, mineral.
  • The prices already take into account the subsidy granted by the Fund for road safety.
  • equipment
  • Lunch
  • beverages

For more information you can access at TCS Cossonay

For registration and information feel free dial:
Tel. +41 21 863 22 22

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