Yamaha NMAX 2015 World’s Best Scooter

When using the new Yamaha scooter NMAX, your daily trips to town become much more enjoyable.
This sporty urban scooter is specially designed to increase driving pleasure by offering muscular performance while enabling significant cost savings. Its compactness and agility allow you to sneak easily in crowded streets whether you are alone or in pairs. The power of the new four-stroke 125cc engine develops NMAX of hard acceleration while consuming less fuel.

Yamaha NMAX 2015 World's Best Scooter
With its dynamic line and its high-end equipment, such as ABS, this modern urban scooter has a design and a premium finish. New NMAX: the means of transport that changes your life.
In recent years the rearmament of the Yamaha range is still very important in the European market, but is still costing them overtake their rivals in the competitive segment of 125 cc scooters. To alleviate it is just introduced first in Indonesia and later in Europe, a maxi global character, NMAX Yamaha Yamaha Majesty 2015 complements the S and a step is below the Yamaha X-Max 125. The aim is to compete with models like the Honda PCX, successful in all markets in which it operates. In fact it costs the same, 2,799 euros.

Yamaha NMAX 2015 World's Best Scooter

The most striking NMAX Yamaha is the engine that equips a Blue Core new single cylinder 125 cc, SOHC direct injection and variable valve integrates. It’s something we’ve only seen so far in the advanced Ducati 1200 Multistrada 2015. The new technology allows you to enjoy 12.2 hp at 7,500 rpm and maximum torque of 11.7 Nm at 7,250 rpm. The torque management and a range of 45.7 kilometers per liter of fuel are the improvements in this section.

Yamaha NMAX 2015 World's Best Scooter

ABS Tech Brakes

The dynamic also comes as 13-inch wheels equipped with disc brakes with ABS 230 mm standard on both axles, rear tires 130 mm and its weight in running order of 127 kilos guarantees agility. The 6.6 liter tank is therefore primarily for urban use. In addition to a design DNA to the T-Max compact dimensions and recognizable, also has some of the functionality of the T-Max, especially with the space under the seat for two helmets jet type or a more comprehensive accessories.

Yamaha NMAX 2015 World's Best Scooter

In a competitive European market, Yamaha is recognized as a particularly dynamic and innovative player in the scooter segment. The popularity of Yamaha has been strengthened in recent years with the renewal of several products, such as the TMAX and X-MAX, along with the launch of Tricity, a vehicle with a chassis with three wheels. Continuing its objective of offering an ever wider range and more adapted to the needs of its customers will market the new Yamaha NMAX in June 2015. This scooter 125cc entry combines a sporty and attractive style to a voluntary motor while by wanting comfortable and efficient fuel consumption.

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