Honda CRF Motocross Range 2016

It seems that the attention of HRC in recent times in the face of production has focused on the Honda RC213V-S and therefore the brand new Honda CRF range of motorcross just brings new features in their models 2016. In fact the images you see are 2015 models.

Honda CRF Motocross Range 2016

The Honda CRF450F updated their suspensions Kayaba, with 48 mm front forks and rear suspension and chassis geometry to accompany this update. No changes to the engine, and already enjoyed in 2015 Engine Mode Mode Select Button EMSB with three power maps.

More changes Honda CRF250F to check the cylinder head, piston and connecting rod, resulting in a new power of 40 hp at 11.500rpm and maximum torque of 27.1 Nm at 9,000 rpm. It has also tweaked the Showa SFF-Tac-Air fork to reduce friction, besides touching the rear suspension accordingly. All other features are as in the 2015 model.

The first images of future Honda models have just been published. Little or no change on 450 CRF 2016, as expected given the significant changes for 2015.

New Changes Honda CRF 450 R

  • New longer fork 5mm
  • Damper Tie Rod
  • Shock Spring
  • Settings damper
  • Diameter of the chain wheel


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