Built Yard MT-07 Yamaha A Excellent Bike

Right now runs the Wheels & Waves festival in Biarritz and the first preparations out of the woods. The first is the Yamaha MT-07 Built Yard after the program. Its designer is none other than legendary trainer Shinya Kimura. Four months of work were necessary, a mallet to overcome these fairing elements made of sheet aluminum.

Built Yard MT-07 Yamaha A Excellent Bike

From a distance, you might think of an older version of the Yamaha bottom of a garage, all dusty and yet in its own juice. But you getting closer, we see more details of finishes that lingered Shinya Kimura.
This concept may point to a new direction at Yamaha if we trust in the words of Product Manager of Yamaha Europe Shun Miyazawa: “When we develop a new Yamaha product, I think we still inspire some crazy ideas Shinya Kimura. “. It is the work of legendary custom builder Shinya Kimura of Japan, who spent four months in shaping the aluminum body with a mallet.

The concept described by a source of Yamaha as a “teaser” to a forcthoming production edition of MT-07. It may simply be a confirmation of the intent to Yamaha to create a customized version of the style 689cc twin-cylinder naked MT-07, rather than a clear indication of what the finished product will look like.

Product manager for Yamaha Europe Shun Miyazawa: “When we do our own version, I think we will mix inspired him, but also with Yamaha design.”

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