Honda NSR250R MC28 by Tyga Performance

Honda NSR250R specific model that was completed with 249 cc 2-stroke racing engines V2 90 °. When the bike first appeared on the Japanese market, it cost about 7500 dollars, which was quite a large sum for the 136-pound bike with 40 hp Today, Honda NSR250R motorcycle is welcome for any collector, while the new and improved copy can be purchased for more than $ 10 000.

Honda NSR250R MC28 by Tyga Performance
TYGA Performance Company operates since 2000, being engaged in alteration of motorcycles Honda NSR250R, which are able to compete with a cubature 4-stroke sportbikes. Honda NSR250R M28 – the top of the development model. The motorcycle is a modern personification of the original version of the bike.
Leading supplier of aftermarket parts for motorcycles 2-tps, Tyga Performance has unveiled its latest project: A Honda NSR250R reviewed and corrected by their care. Presentation!

Honda NSR250R MC28 by Tyga Performance
Well no, 2-GST is not dead. If for manufacturers, it is different for Tyga Performance is more than ever on the agenda. So is their latest project which, it must be admitted, will leave indifferent the common man a tad sensitive to the world of motorbikes and competition …
After leaving the catalog in 1996 and its 11 years of service, the Honda NSR250R is back through Tyga Performance. Site specializing in the marketing of parts for machines 2-tps, Tyga leaned on the bedside NSR250R a vintage 94 to achieve the result that you have before you and thus celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Honda NSR250R MC28 SP Rothmans .

Honda NSR250R MC28 by Tyga Performance
Datasheet side, this reinterpretation of the Honda Sports here in bellow:

  • V-twin 90 ° bored out to 300 cm3
  • Dry clutch
  • Transmission HRC
  • Carburetor Keihin 38 mm HRC
  • Airbox carbon Tyga Performance
  • HRC radiators
  • HRC swingarm
  • Steering damper Öhlins
  • Front fork CBR600RR
  • Brembo Monobloc front brake master cylinder with M4 CBR1000RR
  • Front wheels Honda HRC250 Magnesium
  • Rear rim Marchesini
  • Fairings Carbon / Kevlar
  • Optics customized LEDS…
  • 70 horses
  • 115 kg fully fueled

We presenting here some pictures of Honda NSR250R MC28 by Tyga Performance in the gallery bellow:


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