Royal Enfield Classic 500 Motorcycles Despatch Edition

Royal Enfield, their new version of the classic bike to send 500, is produced in very small series, models that have been reported to be sold only online, announced the flash sale. If you are planning in order to get these delicious and authentic retro machine, with care, July 15, is ready to your funds.Royal Enfield Classic 500 Motorcycles Despatch Edition

Sales sent Royal Enfield Classic 500 motorcycle editions and say on the first day will be sold online through the official store of RE. However, the bike Royal Enfield as they say, things that must be act quickly, your feel like taking a house 1 jewelry of the Second World War-style, made with only 200 of each color below.

Speaking of color, Royal Enfield Classic 500 transmission version, shipping and shipping of Desert Storm Squadron Blue, will be available in three versions, including covered with camouflage Battle Green and temporary.Royal Enfield Classic 500 Motorcycles Despatch Edition

It will be July 15 when Royal Enfield available for sale Special Edition Royal Enfield Classic 500 Despatch Edition. This edition limited to 600 units of the Classic 500 has its inspiration in spy motorists who risked their lives during World War II to pass valuable information from enemy territory. Royal Enfield undertake the sale of these 600 units (200 of each color available) exclusively online way. One way of demonstrating his desire to finally enter the twenty-first century.
Three basically developments regarding the Classic 500 standard. It shows on the one hand decorations Desert Storm Despatch Squadron Battle Green or Blue Despatch Despatch, all camouflage motif. On the other hand wears black elements like the engine and exhaust system to avoid attention more than they should and finally wins a seat and specific case made of leather.
No changes dynamically, so keep equipping the 499 cc single-cylinder air-cooled, 27 hp at 5,250 rpm, a pair of 41.3 Nm at 4,000 rpm and 5-speed gearbox. A Royal Enfield very warlike embodying the origin of the brand.

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