Honda RC213V-S Sports 2016

The Honda RC213V 2015-S, the sports super exclusive MotoGP derived from that we saw as a prototype at the EICMA 2014. The wait has ended and we have the main keys to this top model Honda’s sporty range. They will begin accepting orders from July 13 to September 30 in Spain at a price of 191,000 euros including taxes. And with the power under use on the road. Deliveries will be made from October to occur until the end of 2016, with a circulation of about 500 units.

Honda RC213V-S Sports 2016
Honda’s challenge was clear, get put out on a bike raised in principle to achieve victory in the MotoGP. As at the time it did with the Honda RC30. For it has been respected wherever possible components racing machine without forgetting that you had to get a reasonable maintenance for a street bike. It is especially noticeable in the adoption of valves for pneumatic springs function and the elimination of a conventional seamless change. Reference in this regard is the RCV1000R of the Open category.

Honda RC213V-S Sports 2016
Changes to the street circuit

To make the Honda RC213V-S to roll on the road introduces intelligent headlight and taillight, license plate holder, license plate lights, turn signals, mirrors, speedometer, silent catalyst, contact Honda smart key Smart Key, horn, electric start or side stand. All without breaking essentially the look of the bike.
As for changes in the chassis is the modification of the fork, the obvious simplification of electronics, 16.3 liters tank, 17-inch wheels instead of 16.5, Bridgestone tires RS10 street, the front brake disc Steel, or Brembo brake pads. The fairing, chassis, Öhlins suspensions or tilting are like motorbike Marc Márquez.

Honda RC213V-S Sports 2016
In any case Honda has not wasted the opportunity to provide a special circuit kit worth more than 12,000 euros, which reduces the weight to 160 kilos dry (10 kilos less compared to the standard) to remove the items and to liken Street further around the Open Honda MotoGP. It also raises engine output to over 215 horsepower at 13,000 rpm and 118 Nm of torque at 10,500 rpm, like greatly increases its turning radius. The ‘standard’ content with 159 hp at 11,000 rpm and 102 Nm at 10,500 rpm to adapt to road use. Disappointing to many.

We presenting here circuit video of Marc Márquez meets Honda RC213V-S:

Honda RC213V-S 2016 by
Honda can now definitely say that has produced one of the most expensive production motorcycle history, applied to the road all developed in over 20 years of history in the competition since 1954 competed for the first time on the Island Man. Almost nothing.

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