KTM 125 EXC vs 250 EXC – F 2016

Many are the Enduro to be passed by the uncertainty when choosing a small-displacement Enduro motorcycle… Between a 125 two-stroke and a 250 4-stroke, many settings fall into account. Some are harmless, others are arguments of weight. Besides conventional wisdom!

KTM 125 EXC vs 250 EXC - F 2016

KTM 250 EXC vs KTM 125 EXC 2016

In short, it is not always easy, but fortunately, Moto-Station is here! The presentation of the KTM Enduro 2016 when the KTM Mania range was the perfect opportunity: we have therefore opposed the 125 EXC 250 EXC – F. In the program, the Enduro on the trace of the event KTM in the heart of Cantal and special beautiful.

What is the best equipped?

The advantage in KTM, is that they have never ceased to believe the 2-stroke. The 125 EXC poster so a level almost identical to the 250 EXC – F equipment. There are paraphernalia to meet the criteria of Enduro on both sides: handguards, translucent tank, frame protection, semi-rigid chain guide…

And if the evolution of the KTM Enduro 2016 remains contained, good news anyway with the arrival of a motor sabot and a saddle Dalla Valle. The racing spirit predominates on part with beautiful pieces such as hubs and tees of machined forks, Brembo brake, black rims, wide footrests…

But it is probably something that can make the difference for the 250 EXC – F: its electric starter, in addition to the kick. The EXC 125 starts in the quarter turn in any it situation, but you get used to the luxury of the magic button!

What is the more welcoming?

If ergonomics is not quite the same on both bikes, it is primarily because the KTM 125 EXC is clearly more thin than the 250 EXC – F. Larger and more imposing, a novice will have no more impressed by the gauge of enduro 4-stroke.

Beware, this is not a big motorcycle, but on this point, it is just hard to compete with the 125 2-stroke. The saddle is also 1 cm lower on the 125, but between 960 and 970 mm, I did not really feel difference.

Which is the more manageable?

You should know that the EXC is much lighter: it is still a gap of more than 10 kilos… More easy to take in hand so the 125 is a toy with which it is difficult to compete in terms of handling. It really does what you want with this small EXC that veers between the trees with great ease.

With the 250 EXC – F, we already enter another category. Seen, the template required more: so that the driver is necessary more… But rest assured, it is still not bad at all in terms of handling with the 250 4 – stroke.

Which is the most stable?

Here is probably the KTM 250 EXC – F that will prove more reassuring. It seems much more posed on the ground than its cousin and when it attacked railways rolling stock a bit holed, it gum rather well all imperfections.

125 EXC, brighter, more retransmits the asperities, stirs a little more and giving less this feeling of security. But it is also due to the behavior of the mill, which is talk a little later…

Different behaviour of suspension:

250 EXC – F is clearly oriented comfort with including a very flexible fork. If for hiking tourism monthly this is the top for the driver who begins to seek a little more his motorcycle the effect pump cycling will quickly become a gap. A few type settings are not too. The shock absorber is also flexible, but its efficiency is remarkable, and it is in accommodated easily.

The 125 ‘pump’ much less, comfort is somewhat diminished, but escalation seems better. One less easily arrives at tailgating but yet again, the weight isn’t there for nothing. The damper is shown here as ruthlessly efficient, but helped by its more torquey engine, 250 EXC – F seems tow more.

The 125 EXC has enough in the belly?

It would be a mistake to think that the 125 EXC has not an engine sufficiently strong to deal with the serious difficulties of the Enduro. Its somewhat unusual behavior, must be well say, be identified to be exploit.

While we think that the 125 is at end of breath, all at the bottom of regime at the limit of “drowning”, she is good! As long as we keep are net gas and a minimum speed, e Austrian block cash.

We can therefore tackle a long single in a climb littered with rolling stones (this is what we did…) on the second report: that goes!

What are the differences between the engines of 125 EXC and 250 EXC?

Talked you about the stability a little higher: the problem of the 125, is that when we approach the substantial, she became so explosive that the slightest kick trigger is immediately reflected. Suddenly it moves more…

With its mill without surprise and exemplary of linearity, the 250 EXC – F scores points at the time of the taking. 4-stroke engine, can be summed up like this: highly effective, but not very fun in the end.

With the 125 EXC, need to apply a little more to take a fix on the couple: she claims a somewhat finer than the 250 EXC – F steering which forgive approximations.

But on the side of performance, the 125 more easily frees his horses, well demonstrated on special! The clutch shots are more incisive on the 125, requesting that take its towers, while only one has the impression hardly wake the 250 EXC – F.

Are there other notable behavior differences?

First, the two bikes are distinguished by their engine brake: absent on the 125 EXC and sensitive on the 250 EXC – F. Each with its advantages and disadvantages. For my part, less is better it is, because it is really master on board. Another point of view, we can also appreciate the engine when brake is hiking, in a steep descent for example. Still is it whether we like or not, it does not similarly hamper.

The clutch then control: Magura for the 125 EXC, Brembo for the 250 EXC – F. The command of the 125 is more flexible, but the feeling is best on the 250F, you feeling better the grip point.

The weight finally: are you spoke in Dynamics, but Enduro static weight is not trivial. When you have found the bike several times in the day, or pushed into a steep, or full situation that I know… you probably glad to have a 125!

Can you make the Cross with?

When you like the Cross and Enduro, it is not always obvious to have a motorcycle for each discipline… So can you consider to line up behind a grid of Motocross with one of these two enduros?

Yes, but… the KTM 250 EXC – F is suitable for the amateur who wants to just rouloter without head. However, as soon as we are going to want a little more attack or even jump, the 4-time will no doubt quickly admit its limitations. The too flexible engine will soon “run out” while the suspensions will accuse the coup.

The 125 EXC lends itself much more to the exercise with its firmer suspensions but above all its explosive engine which is full of health, there is what have fun without reaching the limits of the bike on.

Will I drive so far with one than the other?

On the side of autonomy, the 250 EXC – F takes a consistent advantage over the 125 EXC. and here is not really a story of tank capacity (9.5 l for the 125) and 9 l for the 250…, but consumption. Electronic injection of the EXC – F dominates the debates facing the carburetor of the EXC.

It is not apparent from figure, everything depends on the driver and driving conditions, but count approximately 100 km with the 250 EXC – F and 75 km with the 125. Add to this that the 4-stroke requires no mixing, which enables to refuel directly in service station.

4-stroke vs 2-time: the question of maintenance

Talking about money, now! Because this is a test that weighs heavy in the balance… In addition to revisions intervals recommended by the manufacturer, one called a few dealers. Because maintenance is often depends on case by case, depending on the use. KTM divides also almost by two intervals if the motorcycle is used in competition.

On the 125 EXC, the big routine maintenance concerning the piston, connecting rod, and then that’s it. For most mechanics, a connecting rod changes all two pistons on a 125 2-stroke. On the 4-stroke, this is somewhat less true: the piston has a longer life. Suddenly, if it takes him to the end, it’s better to change the connecting rod.

At KTM, a connecting rod/piston for 125 EXC package is worth €366,72 compared to €715,92 for the 250 EXC – F. And when you open a 4-stroke for this kind of intervention, we would generally to change the chain of distribution, i.e. €89.04 additional.

Side valves, a change of valves tail joints and an altimeter may suffice, but pronounced wear it must be considered a complete valve kit €486.36.

Finally, open a 4-stroke engine takes about two hours more than a 2-stroke. And the 125, control of the game every 30 hours…-valve ban, knows not. Short, not need to be a crac in math: maintenance of an enduro 250 4-stroke, it’s expensive!

Balance sheet: Easy or fun, you choose

Then, we take that? KTM 250 EXC – F 2016 is clearly an motorcycle easy to identify, with which anyone can have fun quickly. More difficult to take, she forgives also much more and smooth steering defects.

However, from my point of view, there is no better school than the 125 2-stroke: this is more pointed, less “luxurious” and need to think a little more and drive. The Feather weight remains a major asset and it is still quite fun 125 EXC.

Side permits, the 125 is accessible to the B licence while the 250 requires large permit cube. Basically, the 250 EXC – F this is the option “facility and effectiveness” while the 125 EXC is more “fun and flying”.

Remains to be seen the budget, because if the maintenance of a 4-stroke is higher than that of a 2-stroke, the purchase price is also: €7 590 for KTM 125 EXC €9 350 250 EXC – F.

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