Victory HighBall 2015

Today, your servant, who has just become a fan of models of the kind, invites you to discover a model that is worth trying: the High-Ball, a model that contains the codes of the Vintage style bikes. To do this, I was able to take possession of this bike with the new dealer of the brand, the American Bikes Geneva Geneva concession, which also distributes the brands Indian Motorcycle and Harley-Davidson.

High Ball 2015At first glance, we might think that the highball is a umpteenth American motorcycle, with a steel frame, a king size fork, all supporting a big twin winded and making a fuss of hell. As neni friends, if the High-Ball does not deny its origins, it has managed to highlight and take advantage.

That you love or no style, admittedly, Matt black colour fits it like a glove, as white sidewall tires and rims x-ray accentuate this side Vintage. The tank water drop or still the rear mudguard, with wraparound accentuate still further the side custom.

The broad and high handlebars black matte type “Ape Hanger” will you raise their arms to the sky, finally especially for small templates, because as you can see from the pictures below, my meter eighty allowed me not too much force on this unusual position for the uninitiated. The buttocks placed flush floor, 635mm to be precise, and your feet forward give the final a rather comfortable position. A position which will be over the kilometres of the most comfortable as far as it does not exceed the 100 km/h. Yes, after it pulls a little on the arms and the neck.

Side equipment, are not looking for the latest in fashion, the High-Ball made in crude around the edges with only assistance, an ABS front and rear. Block blue backlight meter will give you basic information but not one more. Enjoy the display of kilometers (trip) to that of the digital tachometer by pressing on the left commodo. No fuel gauge, but a power-reserve indicator, the simplicity of the bikes of the good old days is respected.

Finishes of metal or plastic parts are of good quality, only various cables and apparent son would have deserved a bit more attention, particularly on the side of cockpit. Fans must go through the customization box to hide them.

Brake/clutch levers are in the US style by adopting a layer of chrome on their consistent width. The handles are wide and offers an excellent grip, some will not usually have so big the hands (of handles so). The handlebar control Kit perfectly fall under the fingers. Black mirrors provide excellent vision and take up minimum space. The saddle is free of defect, dug in and offering excellent comfort, it is rare on a series model that I pointed out. The Tower of the owner being made, it is time to zoom this mill.

Victory chose to equip its High-Ball of the 50 ° type 106 Freedom v-twin. A black colour with polished cooling fins, the look is guaranteed. It is embedded in the steel tubular frame.

An engine of the 731cc that provides 139Nm of torque for a maximum power of 88.4cv. Then certainly on paper this may seem little, but once in the saddle, the torque associated with the six-speed box will make you forget the thus weight of 313kg of the beast. The arrival of the electronic fuel injection allowed Victory to smooth the torque curve, but not the pleasure, allowing to have at all times an engine that meets this and this, with the least possible vibration. Once the wrung right handle, should not expect to be able to make the most of the engine in high revs. Moreover you would be quickly disappointed, since it will be difficult to exceed the 5’000 rpm.

Yes, the High-Ball leads like a big good diesel on the couple, allowing to quickly conduct casting and to enjoy our beautiful scenery.

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