Yamaha R3 2015-New missile from Yamaha

If it is never going to complain to straddle a 200-horsepower sports, we must admit that no one will never happen to fully exploit such missile on the open road. It should be also admit that Via Safe and the concert of horns often caused by an overflow clean and net tend to limit the efforts of our rights wrist… Yes, we always speak motorcycle see!

Yamaha R3 2015Precisely, rather than let me ‘touch me’ and lose (again…) my license on a missile and 20’000 balls, Yann has entrusted to me the test of the new Yamaha, the R3 sports! If the effect is not the same that at the launch of a new hyper sport, the small R3 fills a small hole in the sport range of Yam’. And in the light of the increasing supply of the market of 250 and 300 cm3 and the arrival of the A2, the tuning forks brand license out its small toy at the right time.

Indeed, even in its design, everything is done to remind the relationship between the R3 and its already famous cousin of 1000cm3, just exit. Design side, there are lines acute sport line Yamaha, highlighted by the superb colour Race Blu. The two headlights give a small Dogfish to the R3. More closely, we realize that we are not at the same level of finish than its big sisters. The black treatment of the fork, the basic look of the brake calipers, a few black plastics and various simple levers are concessions priced content. But the R3 is well finished and very nice looking. And hides especially many other advantages.

If she embarked not traction-control, anti-wheeling or chronometer onboard, the small new has beautiful assets on paper to shine in its category. Starting with its parallel twin of 320cm 3, with 42 horses and 29, 6Nm torque. Developed to provide a maximum of fun, he especially enjoys technical solutions all simple but effective. The intake system is facing downwards and, coupled to the injection system ensures optimal combustion whatever the conditions. Above all, promise is made that twin asks only to roar in the towers! To avoid vibration, the pistons are forged and receive a plating is an electrolytic treatment. Clearly, this super slide and it better dissipates the heat generated by friction. The connecting rods are case-hardened, as on the previous generation of the R1, and therefore stronger to better withstand the mechanical stresses.

In short and if you have no diploma in mechanical engineering, the block has been optimized to provide a sporty temperament, while remaining reliable and reasonable consumption level.

RADIUS frame, Yamaha builds on a framework of type diamond, steel, connected to an asymmetrical swingarm. The press kit tells us it is almost the same length as that of the R1, which ensures its belonging to the “R-series”! When you talking about the efforts of the brand to remind the affiliation of the R3. Yamaha centralizes besides the mass with a short and low… like on the R1, earned exhaust silencer! Despite the use of steel frame is light and the bike weighs only 169 pounds in running order. Either 20 pounds less than a… R6! The rims to 10 branches, magnificent, as well as the 298mm front disc, complete to the R3 sporting acclaim. The classic fork if it transcends not the look of the machine, offers aluminum tees and a respectable 41 mm diameter. Rear shock absorber KYB (which also provides the fork) is set at the factory for a good compromise between sport and comfort and adjustable preload.

Good and it rolls, this contraption?

After a good night’s rest, we discover a big score of machines parked in front of the hotel. The small group of the Swiss will be accompanied by a french guide and two fellow Italian and English. It seems that our opener rolls well and it is so much better: we are the first to go and our seven R3 quickly along the beach for a little urban excursion. The setting is superb, the Sun at the venue and comfortable machine. Little expressive at low-speeds, twin will forget and it wanders easily to the handlebar. The handlebar, moreover, offers a relaxed position, little supported on the front. We find the same comfort at the level of the legs; a plus for comfort, but almost a small disappointment for the sports atmosphere, for the moment little presents.

However, for everyday use, the small Yam’ is close to the perfects. Rikiki consumption, ease of driving so its very gentle commands to fill the small troupe, who exchanges his first impressions during a photo stop. The very discreet sound is the only small downside of this urban stage, but the mood will quickly change while we borrow a fast stretch to reach the small road at the corner…

Our guide, which I forgot the name, takes us to good pace on the highway and it has not failed, the monotonous Grey Ribbon turned into playground. And I go over you watching you right in the visor and I tailgates you the truck at the last moment, and that I nibbles you the plate holder with my headlights… both from small provocations which border on the ridiculous and make a journey with pals so pleasant! If there is no fear of flying or commit the irreparable to the handlebar of the R3, it astonishes by its response to the gas and its stability at high speed. From 5-6’000 rpm, twin wakes up and pushes gently. From 8’000 rpm and up to the red zone, it whirs and gives the best of itself, to provide the aspi’s colleagues, a cute 187 km/h counter on the German portion of the journey. The exercise is a little uncomfortable, protection of the bubble, tiny, proving rather chick. At the end of the motorway, we begin to be muggers severe in large roundabouts, which exceed its cronies the inside and outside, is extremely funny.

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