Honda NC 7001 X

Do not take these first impressions for cash: we just come down from the saddle of the new Honda NC 700 X and hot reactions are not always the best. Nevertheless, they are rarely misleading. And just to say, we were very curious to test this new Honda, which inaugurates especially a brand new platform. This chassis and the engine will be on three distinct models: the basic roadster NC 700 S, scooter hybrid Integra and this new NC 700 X, a crossover based on the Honda.Honda NC 700 X

Strange but not unpleasant

This new design recalls the VFR 800 X exceptional, even if the latter is more strange in the end. On the NC 700 X, the set is quite coherent, despite a fire cantilever who had to feed well discussions within the design office of Honda Italy in charge of the design of the NC 700 X. The engine, very tilted forward, also presents a particular drawing. Overall, the NC 700 X is well assembled. Plastics – invasive but a perceived good – are adjusted with suitable rigor and painting is beautifully glitter. Short, if equipment such as the basic fork or the single disc front brake does raise a thrill, the NC 700 X is not less finished with enough care taking into account tariff rather down.

In the saddle, we indeed appreciate a position pretty close to environmental trail: bust right, discarded arms, legs enough unfolded. Perched seat 830 mm and unfortunately not adjustable is not a defect itself. Well designed, it brings comfort to the buttocks and enough narrowness in the crotch to touch the point of both sides from 1.65 m. We appreciate immediately a grip “to the Honda”: the NC 700 X home easily and that its 218 kg all full facts are quickly forgotten in the roundabouts and pins. The gearbox, without being unpleasant, does not offer the same accuracy as the best of the brand (a Hornet offers better).

Effective absence be expressive

Small connection, and it is time to draw the reports: thrust is not the most expressive, but it was somewhat expected given the announced power: 51.8 ch, namely 8 less than a Transalp 700, which is not really a plane no longer. One wonders more to reach a limit placed to 7 000 RPM then the engine fit enough voluntarily in the red zone starting at 6 RPM. But the NC 700 X put not on the ultimate performance and need to learn how to use this engine on its useful range which then reveals his approval. And finally, the times between 50 and 140 km/h on the interim reports are far from ridiculous, to the point that we exceed on departmental without high visibility with a good relaxation, by simply wrapping the right handle half.

Expect the end of the test to discuss performance, check the consumption announced at 3.6 l / 100 km in DCT (we have the classic box version). The Portuguese roads are not always of the cleanest and the NC 700 X plays traps of adhesion with a reassuring stability and good neutrality. Yet the depreciation is not exempt from criticism, and we will come back. On the other hand, the comfort has proved very satisfactory. Know already and already that roll-always will find this NC 700 x an endearing companion, due to its approval or some details such as the presence of his trunk to place the tank helmet. It takes fast taste!

Go to the Paris Show

The entire test will follow shortly on moto – For the time being, let’s try another bike, because Honda chose to double shot on this presentation press by presenting the NC 700 X on road, and then the new CBR1000RR on circuit. Side informations, please note that the NC 700 X will be visible to the next show of the motorcycle and Scooter in Paris next week. The bike will arrive in concession December at a price of €6 490 with the ABS’s series. It will take over €1,000 for the DCT version that will arrive at the beginning of the year 2012.

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