Review of Brammo Empulse R 2015

The offer of machines 100% driven by the electricity fairy densifies. We thus had the opportunity to test two weeks during the Brammo Empulse R, which presents itself as a true sports roadster with even a mechanical box six.

Brammo Empulse R 2015At first glance, we have doubt is nothing. So far, who said electric motorcycle was also weird craft, unconventional aesthetic. With the Brammo Empulse R (which also exists in standard version without ‘R’ a little less well-equipped), it is nothing. It melts almost in the mass with its sports roadster. He was found even modern lines topped with elements very much in tune with the times: inverted Marzocchi forks fully adjustable, radial brake with Brembo and clamps hose in metal, large frame perimeter aluminium swingarm tubular steel pressing a nice shock absorber Sachs, also fully adjustable, the Marchesini wheels with sports erasers (Continental ContiSportAttack 2)… There is also a water cooler, a dashboard with tachometer, along with a mechanical box to left foot command! Yet, some details come to betray his bold choice of propulsion: not the slightest trace of any exhaust system and property curious arrangements and part of the thick frame around…

The American (the Brammo factory is located in Ashland, Oregon, on the West coast of the United States, between San Francisco and Seattle) indeed embarked an imposing set of Lithium-Ion batteries developing 10.2 kWh to the max, who is put under the tutelage of an on-board charger from 3kW to minimize charging times. A sacred “stack” which makes it a duty to block fuel magnet motor standing directly developed by the brand, anyway 54 horsepower to weight announced at 213 kg (and measured at 213.7 kg). Admittedly, this is data that do not invite to recover the night as they are very similar to those put forward by a certain Honda NC 750 X… But beyond numbers – which will be allowed to care to express themselves on the road-, it is rather on the side of the box that it is curious: a box six on an electric motorcycle? With a clutch control? What is the driving sensations? We can find a nearby pleasure than a ‘traditional machine ‘? And above all, what about the real autonomy of these large batteries? It is therefore with many questions in mind that we climb on board, not without feeling a touch of excitement…

An electric box, out of autonomy

It is good to autonomy, in addition to the driving sensation, expected the Brammo Empulse a. well sadly, closed foot less than confine its use to the city, it will be difficult to envisage more than a big hundred kilometres to its handlebar.

Even the brochure does cheat on this point: Brammo Announces 93 kilometres of maximum autonomy to 113 km/h constant. Basically, anyone borrow a piece of motorway will be drastically melt its radius of action. It is well on the road, whenever it comes to have a little fun. In this regard also, better not to display the remaining service life estimated on the digital display: it’s frankly scary! As with an electric motorcycle, it must continually ensure a possible charging point. If it’s at home, the test loop therefore boils down to a small hour and a half of Frolics, with a lot of apprehension as soon as the battery level enters its last 20 percentages… But before you stress about a possible “failure dry”, back – in typical operation of the Empulse R. You must start it. Finally, say to put it under tension.


The procedure is quite close to that of a motorcycle thermal, except that there is obviously no sound nor vibration. Just should be hear a click after a support extended the starter button, what valid (in addition to a light ‘on’ green on the account-towers) the availability of the engine. Then no need to worry about initially in the box, unless you’re at the point dead. We note also that the latter is (surprisingly) between the second and the third report… If so neutral, it operates the clutch to select the second (by pressing the selector) or the third (the amount), to release it without a second thought: the engine has no idle (it is at the total stop), no need to remain disengaged, or to wax to soar. We can take off even in… Sixth! At the limit, the clutch can be used to attempt an improbable wheeling… It can also almost stay in first, which can take the whole up to more than 130 km/h… widely entering the red zone. Of course, the ratio is small, more acceleration is straight forward. Thus, in order to achieve the best start, it has six reports passing them on the fly.

Finally, if you do it. Because if this box provides an undeniable more in the relationship it has with the machine, we thus separating less “known” world of internal combustion engines (and knowing that can so do without totally), it has the tendency to show restive to any notion of smoothness. Excessively steep, it obliterates the approval it should provide. Suddenly, it is more readily imagine a semi-automatic transmission, dual-clutch, for enhancing performance like mechanical sensations. Because there beautiful say you want: engine electrical, so powerful it may be, is not what is more exciting in Dynamics. Yet, the Brammo Empulse R is the tonic type, especially after having reached the milestone of 50 km/h. there, the electric block gives the best of itself and provides decent acceleration, comparable once again that offers a 750 NC.

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