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In the daily economic and financial news, there is a recurring theme that served us TV on the radio through the canvas: the exit of Greece from the eurozone. A perspective that is also called “Grexit”. MotoGP also has his horse chestnut and it is located on the side of a Grand Prix of the Czech Republic at each threatened edition. A kind of “Brnout” of the calendar of the elite.

MotoGP in Brono 2015It is up to the workings of the economy to create similarities. Financial tensions and a struggle for political influence. With moments of crisis and the moments of calm, the approach of the abyss, of the sinking before a rescue of last minute pending the next episode.

However, this time the “Brnout” was never as possible. Summarize the situation: a Dorna who legitimately asserted his rights and a local political authority which has a very distant perspective of the owner of the circuit of Brno. At this point these two parties do talk more, instructing Dorna to play the messengers, that it has decided to refuse.

The Abraham family is not easy

Suddenly, the cheques among the Czechs are more signed. And the situation has worsened since yesterday when it was announced the suspension of the sale of tickets for the Grand Prix scheduled for next August. A bad omen while the parties must meet for a last attempt at conciliation on June 29. If the failure is at the end of the path, it will be too bad for some 200,000 spectators generally faithful to the venue.

It will be recalled that the owner of the trace is a certain Karel Abraham, which also aligns the starting grid an AB Motoracing team for his son. The same team who was refused the opportunity to Michaël Van der Mark’s start in MotoGP in his national test this weekend in place of Abraham Junior convalescing for at least six weeks.

Why this refusal so the HRC encouraged freelance dubbed by Ten Kate employer of the Dutchman in WSBK? Because – as AB Motoracing did not bear the cost of any cases committed by the current crew of Sylvain Guintoli in world. But Abraham father still sent his troops at Assen and hope that Honda will lend him Aoyama which he can break what he wants being pilot HRC. Not easy the World Grand Prix.

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