Review of Honda SH 300i 2015

The concept of the HS was born 30 years ago in 50 cm3. Since then, it has become a generic name for a large wheel scooter and a reference on the subject, which the Italians are very fond. The 300 arrived in 2007 and is now the 3rd generation, very close to perfection, but which however suffered no major developments.Honda SH 300i 2015


No aesthetic revolution, even if the lines are more strained, incorporating those of SH 125 released end 2013. It also notes the arrival of keys of chrome on the sides and the base of the headlights. Logically, the SH 300 now incorporates lighting led (phare and front position lamps, rear light) which significantly modernizes its look. Another point to note, the arrival of a smart key that can unlock the switch if it is within a radius of two metres. Just then a pressure on the latter to turn on the scooter. Next door, the push to open the saddle. In addition to the 9-litre tank cap, could accommodate a full-face helmet in the trunk, because framework was reviewed and extended to enlarge the cargo bay. Bonus, there is also a 12 volt outlet.


SH 300 sees its engine retouched with a drop of 2 horse power (25 HP at 7500 RPM) and a couple very slightly lower at 25.5 Nm @ 5000 rpm, but achieved at much lower speeds. The resultant stronger starts and longer processing times, so a beautiful urban leisure. Max speed, slightly worse but it hangs all of same more than 140 km/h meter, largely on what be uncomfortable on the expressways and suburban highways. This SH 300 injection engine was Euro4, the first at Honda. This standard comes into force on January 1, 2016 for new models.

All analog instrumentation includes a large counter topped with warning lights and framed by the fuel and temperature gauges engine. Below, a digital window with the watch and a display, the choice, the totalizer, one of two trips or instant consumption or average. Riding, however, lacks a warning order, even if there were a cup-contact, and a functional left commodo. On the left apron, Honda offers a small closed storage and waterproof to upgrade keys, a phone, or a remote control, but it is not secure.


It is very well installed on board. The position is natural and we well dominates the scooter. The saddle has a riser which fits perfectly. The flat floor is a more significant to put his feet, but also carry a bag, that will provide it with the hook. Even if the template is similar to a 125, there the place aboard the HS and we welcome his finesse in congestion. This Honda shows a fabulous agility and turns on the spot. Combined with the strength of its engine, this makes him a remarkable tool by its versatility in urban areas.


Even if the saddle height is increased by 2 cm, this remains correct (805 mm) for a scooter alloy wheels 16 inch front and rear, featuring pavement in Metzeler Feelfree, very catchy. We note in passing new rims 6 double spoke with valve bent rearward. 256 mm disc brakes have the ABS, but abandoned this coupled braking on the first two generations. This prevents not stops short, perfectly amounts and progressive.


With a wheelbase of 26 mm, to enlarge the chest, stability is increased, without penalizing the agility. On Highway, it shows serene, while displaying a formidable precision of curve placement. An easy scooter, which takes carefree as it weighs que169 kg (1 kg less than the previous version), little more than a 125 GT. A lightness which also contributes to its good capacity for judgment.


There are jumps-wind, nor original windscreen, but one proposed accessory proves effective and little disturbing. Protection still acceptable having regard to performance. The seat extends by a door-packages, directly designed to receive the top-box Honda, without intermediate plate. Practice! The passenger is properly installed with a wide saddle and foldable footrest, which already existed, but were not as elegant. We appreciate the two crutches, even if the side lack of stability.

We on the other hand had a memory of rear shocks closed and too reactive. Honda Announces no change on the hydraulic components with variable pitch springs and 6 steps of adjustment. But following this test, the depreciation seems more efficient to the happiness of our hindquarters.

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