Viba Lara 800 2015

In recent weeks, Lara 800 makes the turn of events. Then after a stint at the Wheels & Waves and the Café Racer Festival, we invite you to get to know with this machine is made by hand, in France.Viba Lara 800 2015

The basis of this project, it was question put forward the savoir faire of French artisans in the creation of a motorcycle to the careful design and carefully selected materials. Three people are originally from Viba Lara 800: Bruno Vigezzi, passionate motorcycle and art, Jean-Michel Sanchez, an industrialist of Blois and Yann Bakony, designer.

Entirely produced by hand and according to the wishes of the customers, the Lara 800 will be marketed in only 23 copies. To move across, the team turned to the Brutale 800 to borrow a block three cylinders in line 125 horsepower. So needless to say that the 800 Lara should not miss character. For the rest, many craftsmen were thus laid their stone to the building to give a soul to this project.

Thus, here in detail what makes up the Viba Lara 800 Base:

Aluminum tank handmade by Crazy Racers

Rear frame customized to accommodate the monoposto seat created by an artisan sellier. The saddle is made of leather and with different density foam for optimum comfort. An almost unlimited choice of leather and colour and available, as of e.g. caiman leather.

Specific high exhaust line coated with a ceramic paint to reduce the heat of 30%. The protection of pot (Zard) who undergoes the same treatment to release little heat in the portion of the leg. The line into 2 parts to disassemble without falling radia oil and water unlike the original line.

Lighthouse LED with block flagship aluminium cut mass and grid exclusive.

Rear led lights

Designed rear suspension fully tailor-made for use Scrambler and which is carried out on the basis of morphology and the conduct of the owner type. Preparation of the fork Marzochi for a setting perfect. Optional fork Öhlins Black Edition is possible

Mudguard front, rear, bailer, protects chain wheel in carbon (by a craftsman who makes the Peugeot, Citroen concept car among other carbon parts)

Rims, Ray Borrani known to perform RADIUS for Ferrari wheels

Directed in carbon 3D printing by Bako Design & Com air intake grille’

Beringer brake calipers

Turntables alu specific to the Lara800 driver

Frame repainted black grained (of the same color/texture as the swing arm and frame plate)

Modified fork te, pontet aluminium bespoke which serves as support (original of the MV) meter with integration of system startup sans-cles.

You will understand, by signing the purchase order of the Lara 800, you can give free rein to your imagination. Today, MV Agusta Indonesia was sensitive to the work of our three lovers French and the charm of the Lara, since pre-orders are currently being finalized. So, before it’s too late, and if ever you wanted to ride different, know that the base price of this machine is made by hand in France is €32 310, excluding taxes. The price of a certain quality!

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