Honda CB125F Simplicity & Efficiency Test

With this new CB125F is also a tradition of simple bikes, economic and efficient than Honda continues to have with a real know-how. China’s last change does not alter the genre … nor transcends.

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With close to 1,400 units registered, the CBF 125 Honda is the 2nd most sold in France in 2014 (behind the CB500F) and also the second best selling motorcycle 125 of the French market, narrowly behind the Mash 125 Seventy. Suffice to say that behind its modest appearance, so we are dealing with heavy commercially speaking, which also explains its manufacturer has given this year to renew the face of fierce competition. For here, which is paramount, it is obviously the price / performance ratio. To do this, Honda has chosen to entrust the manufacturing of its CB125F its Chinese factories, while switching to contemporary taste a basic technology … but not too much.Honda CB125F Simplicity & Efficiency Test

Ergonomics Manufacturing Style

However, it is modern and original line of this bike that appeals first. If its ultra compact size will rally a broad customer base, but also its manufacturing quality that convinces more expert eye. Plastics are snug around the steel tank, simple and hide underneath. On the Honda CB125F, nothing protrudes almost as much the beam that the cables are well integrated, including discrete pollution control system. The dashboard appears even in his big oversized hood also home to the lighthouse, to the advantage of the clarity and the presence of a fuel gauge. Too bad it lacks the removal adjustment to the brake and clutch levers for small hands, for the rest, the ergonomics of the Honda 125 utility frieze faultless.

Fly Weight Effective Arguments

129 kg with full-station on the bike balance, the CBF125 is a big moped that mounts easily. Ideal for small jigs with a little high, narrow saddle, it is also for my meter 78. On board, my legs naturally housed behind the large side scoops of dressing, either side of the tank  and curiously high handlebars keeps it straight bust, without tiring the arms. Difficult to feel more immediately comfortable on a motorcycle, then, when his engine starts in a kitten growl … Far heir unalterable CG 125 and XL 125 others, this single cylinder air cooled and brought up to date continues its adventure in 2015 this development by distilling less spectacular than effective arguments.

Honda CB125F Simplicity & Efficiency Test

Reliable Drive in Red Zone!

Yet, leaving Honda France, I must admit that I am somewhat skeptical observing the progress of the needle of the rev counter. Proudly taking its place on the highway in the third row, the CB125F crosses indeed to 110 km / h … with full red zone! At least he does not need a long straight line to launch his final drive probably short voluntarily brings her so much vivacity that its 10.5 hp. allow, without missing a beat. Remain to appreciate its reliability in the medium term, although it is not uncommon today many bikes take significantly regime without breaking either. Road small but valiant legal gaits, the fact remains that it is primarily for urban and highway use this brave CBF 125 is primarily cut.Honda CB125F Simplicity & Efficiency Test

Easy to Drive

It is appreciated on the big boulevards by a linear behavior throughout the rev range. Up to 9000 rev/ min even then in full red zone, The small mono pulls smoothly without too much pain, even if it is more than 6 000 r / min need to solicit for effective performance in the flow of traffic. From then on, the box of the CB125F properly locked most of the time, and never contained vibrations likely higher than in the footrest.

However, it is difficult to avoid a jolt sensitive cutoff of gas, even taking care of the move. We made it in time, but it is not really nice. Unlike the well-sized saddle including the passenger that can endure without suffering too much kilometers aboard this little Honda 125, while its suspension are more limited on small shocks. However, the whole is easy going, especially as his agility is its number one asset.Honda CB125F Simplicity & Efficiency Test

Delightfully Natural Drive in the City

The narrowness of the tires and light weight meet on the CB125F for happiness trajecteurs purposes. You just have to dare to maintain momentum while aiming motor mice holes between cars to clear the way of all almost possible … In the city, the CBF125 is delightfully natural and not very effective defects. It will signal just before braking timid if not careful to properly pull the lever of the three or four fingers and a rear drum probably somewhat progressive in the wet. Storm conditions in which the quality of the tires will probably not do more miracles if we are to believe some alerts already felt glides on dry …

Review Judgments: It is pretty with efficiency

Behind its modern line directly inspired by his great CB500F sister, the youngest of Honda roadster offers a package able to attract a large population looking for an easy 2-wheel, basic and effective. If his only 10.5 hp. forbid him all sporting ambitions, there are quite enough to get rid of the city, secondary roads and bucolic ride. Still, for € 2649 or 2940 US$ aprox excluding promo recommended to € 2349 or 2600 US$ aprox, see dealer, its price / quality ratio is still not exceptional face better placed Asian competitors, but certainly not benefiting from the service and will the world’s leading manufacturer. The CB 125 F probably will catch up eventually with a budget of Use we already see at the grass roots.

Some Positives Points Some Negative Points
Grip On cruising speed
Online / finishing Cleavage of gas
Vvaliant engine Tires
Autonomy Prices (excluding special)
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