Moto Guzzi Motorcycles

In Germany we know make beautiful prep’s to convince you towards Schwarzenfeld to get to know the Retro Radical Guzzi LeMans home …

Moto Guzzi Motorcycles
As its name suggests, Radical Guzzi is a specialized trainer in the work based Moto Guzzi. More than a simple aesthetic work, the small Bavarian bouclard also works on mechanics …

Moto Guzzi Retro LeMans by Radical Guzzi by bikesdoctor

Based in Schwarzenfeld, not far from the border with the Czech Republic, Radical Ducati invites us to lay eyes on this Retro LeMans. Available in three versions (I, II or III), today we will introduce the model that need the most work. The boss Stefan Bronold, decided to make a Café Racer around a modern block of 1200 cm3 which is found on Griso. Reworked in his studio, the V-twin engine with 90 ° “Quattrovalvole” changes to 1450 cm3 and frees them a power of 135 hp and a torque of 13 mkg 5, once the grafted block in the tubular chassis of this Retro LeMans III. He even left his modern injection for receiving a pair of Keihin FCR carburetors 41!

Moto Guzzi Motorcycles

To cushion the overall Radical Guzzi looked at Öhlins products by grafting a Ducati 1098 fork and shock absorber of the same manufacturer. Perfectionist in his work, Stefan Bronold announcement having worked more than 6 years on certain technical solutions it now offers for sale on its website. Through this preparation, he would like to also make a call to the Italian manufacturer’s foot to show them what kind of engine it would take to compete with BMW and R NINET … So you like?Moto Guzzi Motorcycles

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