When the barge is interested in the range Avinton he entered not in an offbeat world of the bike but crosses a bridge between jewelery and crafts on two wheels. Far from the sanitized products, good machines to do everything and US so unique that they are hundreds of thousands to travel the roads of the world, “Collector” from the small French manufacturer pulsate to the rhythm of passion and delicate workmanship.


A Avinton is a sculpture carved by the spirit of beauty, crude and metal. Within a framework and a minimalist look, the sleek and muscular V-twin S & S 1647 cm3 looks forward to show his character. It comes from the heart of America, but the French leg lands on him. Then it overflows, with 120 horses full of passion and large torque. 17 mkg ready to lift you any colossus. On the wrong tank, the air intake system is a signature heady to itself only. Beautiful and distinguished from one end to the other, this bike wants to embody a piece of the myth of the AC Cobra.


3 models in the range:

  1. Collector GT
  2. Collector RACE
  3. Collector Roadster

the GT version is distinguished by the position of the handlebars watches. These are wedged 5 cm higher than the hectic “Race”; and 5 cm below the handlebar “Roadster”. So Avinton offers a very tasty bite definition coffee-racer.

Bragging to the extreme? Not at all. A tasting for connoisseurs, that are sure to detail a moment and enjoy the beautiful rooms including teems this machine. Typing in the upscale and the intrinsic value, the Collector Avinton GT, like his two frangines, is available with six trim levels. Original – Vintage – Deluxe – Grand Sport – Super Snake – Cult; luxury crosses these different levels to meet customer. Even the most demanding! Avinton will push you to customize virtually unlimited, depending on your taste and your wallet. Another specificity of Avinton: these are the only bikes that can be financed on credit for 84 months normally, the limit is 60 months for motorcycles in France. What straying to some additional options.

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