Neco GPX 50 LC Scooter Reviews

No, it is not the new Ducati scooter even if the visual signature resembles the Panigale, the latest superbike of the Italian brand. Here is the Neco GPX, with its design signed Tartarini, who had also designed and created Italjet new Lambretta scooters. This Neco plays on its looks to seduce teenagers and there really has something to fall in love …

Neco GPX 50 LC Scooter Reviews

This does not only Neco from the mouth with its slender snout, pierced with two optical LEDs, and multiple Italian badges. It is true that the GPX is beautiful, although it still remains somewhat in limbo with Chinese productions. Only here the finish is up and it is not the end of our surprises!


The details are treated with small grids for engine cooling, aluminum rims with red piping, red calipers pinching wave discs and stunning anodized suspensions. There is also a full LED lighting to the lighthouse, turn signals and taillights. Not only that enlightens, but it is superb. Looking more closely, one realizes quickly that attention to detail prevailed for this model. It’s well designed, beautiful and well done. The 32 mm fork with its gold sleeves, dual branches rims, and new decor Racing 2015 in green, white and red are there to seduce. Not to mention the pot inverted cartridge that delivers a nice racing sound, all this reinforces the sporty look of this scooter.

Neco GPX 50 LC Scooter Reviews


Neco It is equipped with a two-stroke engine with liquid-cooled Minarelli type that shows perfectly usable, even bridled at 45 km / h. It offers beautiful soaring through progressive and adjusted transmission. He rides his ribs at top speed, which is significant and not always the case in some productions we’ve tried elsewhere. An air-cooled engine version also exists and differs from the LC model with 12-inch wheels and a rear drum brake.


The driving position is ideal on this scooter a good template. The feet are not cramped on the GPX. The 790 mm seat height allows for the feet flat on the floor. Under the eyes sits a beautiful mid-analog instrumentation, half with a large digital counter so tachometer and a digital window segments gauges for fuel and engine temperature, a watch and totes. The handlebars, lighting controls, starter and flashing. There is also the beautiful mirrors with their branches pierced and carved bar end.

Neco GPX 50 LC Scooter Reviews


The behavior is the level for this scooter takes the angle with happiness and security through the wheels in 13 inch. The GPX is well balanced and its motor amazes with its vitality. We would have liked to see what it gave in its Belgian or Italian version, less constrained than ours, it must be pure bliss!

The suspensions will show farms, but the gas back is adjustable, the seat is comfortable and perfectly hold the driver’s backrest. The passenger has also beautiful qu’ergonomiques handles and folding footrest. Braking is good, nothing more, but it is measurable and progressive.


The equipment has not been stored with a contactor with a burglar magnetic component. It blocks the direction, but also opens the saddle. Below is accessed fill the 6.8-liter petrol tank which provides a range of over 200 km. There is also ample space to put a helmet. However, access to the oil reservoir (two stroke) which should fill every 800 1,000 km is well hidden and requires a screwdriver to remove the access door.

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