Astor 125 Bike the Vintage of the World

We did not see it coming and nothing had filtered about the arrival of this new bike 125 that is on the neo-retro niche. Astor comes from the DIP has decided to propose an original and qualitative approach in this market since it knows Dip Royal Enfield is also important. The segment of the motorcycle 125 vintage is essentially occupied by the Sima with Mash, which has been very successful.Astor 125 Bike the Vintage of the World
Astor This does not the ICC that the Dip was imported here 4 years. A motorcycle that was hardly reliable and had quickly disappeared for lack of proper service catalog. This comes out in the 2015 Astor Orcal brand is a brand of motorcycles and scooters own the DIP, so become manufacturer.

Quality First

But unlike Mash who drew in the catalog of China Qingqi looking for a basic product that had the mouth, the Astor is a motorcycle designed after a French specifications with a concern for quality and reliability with the competitions numerous subcontractors. Astor is made in China, but it is believed find the Japanese bikes of the 60s, with choice materials: stainless steel pot blunderbuss with double walls catalyst, aluminum triple clamps, swingarm and direction on bearings, stainless steel screws, handlebar variable section aluminum … A beautiful program.

Complete Equipment

Add to this a complete equipment with two crutches, disc brakes, alloy wheels with rays, tachometer, seeing gasoline. Finally, the engine is a Yamaha base with balancer developing ten horses. The look is beautiful and upscale finishing with a tank with three layers of paint and closure type of aviation plug, two-seater saddle stitched and chrome fender. Very stylish!

Royal Enfield 125

Astor is for those who would like a Royal Enfield but do not have a motorcycle license, as well as disappointed Mash, and many have given us their regrets for use. It will also judge the Astor in time, but the quality of materials has nothing to do with the Mash that are ultimately sold expensive for what they are. Only 100 € more, the Astor is a completely different product and really look forward to trying it …

First arrivals on 18 July in the DIP concessions and costs € 2,320, gray card included! This is a bike that should quickly find its place on the market!

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