Triumph Street Triple RX Test & Review

Triumph says the character of his bestseller, providing an extra touch of aggressiveness. The changes are minimal for this special edition of the Street Triple called RX but more important is what endures, that is, one of the best motorcycles.

Triumph Street Triple RX Test & Review
The Street Triple is associated with a silly smile. Which is formed naturally in the face during my first contact with English. The famous British phlegm gave a blow! He saw himself as the most vulgar rejected idyllic image before such enthusiasm. A nature as well due to a plague of three cylinders cycle as agile and accurate parts. Throw in a sexy line and far from the exorbitant prices, all cleverly done well, and without blame before pointing the tip of his nose on the horizon of this contact. It was there just over two years. Triumph had largely recast his beautiful beast to do more. A beast is still much more domesticated than the last. Today, we are given the opportunity to ride again with this machine in a version called RX. What’s the point, you might ask? The differences shown are not likely to significantly change the behavior of the street. Exactly, but he hid his pleasure would be a sacrilege … even if greed is a bad thing.

Triumph Street Triple RX Test & Review

Because this RX Street Triple is nothing but a special edition. Like many models with this name the notable differences mainly affect the aesthetic and equipment. In this case, we find under the name of R RX a version of the popular but improved. So many elements that are optional for the latter are included in the package RX series.

Motor protector, the fork crown and rapid change are the concrete examples. Aluminum wheels and red matte involving the unique aesthetic of this edition. However, the most important change that is obvious and affirms the personality of this model is the rear loop. Hinckley firm grafted effect on its rear profile sharpened his sports roadster stars Daytona 675. A little madness giving the street a more aggressive look.

The immediate consequence of the risk of vagal malaise of perceiving little space ‘Madame’ is still assigned (sic). The Street Triple R is obviously a role model in this area. Yet, if a passenger is carried here it is not inconceivable that seems compromised. The RX is defined as a set of selfish motorcycle tail authentic. Half of the innate sportsmanship English, no doubt. Furthermore, the driving position increases slightly with loop back and seat angular Daytona.

The rider leans the handlebar flat profile, while the remaining legs on the footrest staggered back. The call is clear. Street wants to reveal what lies villain in you. And it will not be difficult! From the first round, the subject of his Majesty lantern with its ease of handling. This is one of forces street triple: to be usable by everyone. Give pleasure to both beginners and experienced rider. Controls allow users to feel immediately at ease aboard the RX. Not to mention the availability of the engine, both fresh and immediate. The three cylinder engine is the wonder of this machine. It responds perfectly to what one might expect from an engine. Either the availability, performance and, paradoxically, the linearity with character. The block provides great power in every speed between 3000 and 11 000 r / min. All this with a vitality leaving stunned. In addition to the background, we form. Each acceleration resembles a lyric. The sound escapes from line 3-in-1 in the down position and then cover your skin chills (!). A creepy accentuated by micro cuts Shifter each upshift without using the clutch. By the way, the melody finally escape the block mask sound and quite tired after a while. The only drawback of the daily use of the Street Triple RX precision at low speed.
However, a great engine is nothing without a little hair-cycle. And then, Triumph has designed another gem. The frame and geometry adopted since 2013 in front of an imperial stability. But more advanced than the train, which has already reached its peak during the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century, the street also demonstrates an astonishing agility and disconcerting ease. The curves are linked with ease. A simple thought that launched apex.

Triumph Street Triple RX Test & Review

This lady and her 188 kilos fully fueled sparing the driver so it is extremely simple life. Everything seems possible in their handlebars. Even aberration that you are a pilot … Yes, the British manage to get into the pocket to flatter your ego! How is this possible? Simply because in addition to being civilized, the 675 cm3 roadster gives confidence. Thanks to Kayaba suspensions. As the R version, the RX adopts a fully adjustable inverted fork diameter 41 mm and one also fully adjustable shock. Equipment ensuring homogeneity of behavior, regardless of road conditions.

Excessive optimism even tolerated. For others, it is possible to use the high-performance braking entrusted to two radial Nissin 4-piston calipers. If your bite may surprise, ABS (dis-connectable) keeping watch, you and some disappointments savers. Be careful though to be careful with the air rises in this period. Almost no moisture and cold line with Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa. It is only then that the Street Triple can show its limits. The only conditions under which its fluidity it less natural.

Triumph Street Triple RX Test & Review

Verdict: The Triumph Street Triple RX wins the sex appeal of this new rear end loop of the Daytona 675. All fine and sharp increases of English and sports, in passing, his villainous character. The general equipment of this special edition is also its strength. Especially given the low price difference with the R version, € 480. For the rest, no surprise! We find a Street Triple extremely efficient, versatile and welcoming led by a jubilant three cylinders. And the fun aspect has never been exacerbated. What else? Here we find the best market price / performance / performance.

Triumph Street Triple RX 220 km / h
106 hp – 7 mkg – 188 kg fully fueled
and aprox price is € 9,770

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