Yamaha XSR700 2015 the Best Motorcycle

Yamaha expands its range through the first Yamaha model line Faster Sons a retro segment sells. It’s called Yamaha XSR700 2015 and is essentially a version of the current vintage Yamaha MT-07, with which it shares most of the engine and chassis.

Yamaha XSR700 2015 the Best Motorcycle

The Yamaha XSR700 vaguely reminiscent of the design seen in the Yamaha XV950 Bolt, but adapted to a modern naked. There are optical classic style double leather seat with two textures, or aluminum tank of 14 liters to the Sport Heritage.

Modern design inspired Services

As we say the XSR700 available with optional ABS, equip the 689 cc twin-engine aircraft type and liquid-cooled Cruz known as the Yamaha MT-07. It makes 75 hp at 9,000 rpm and torque of 68 Nm at 6,500 rpm. More than enough for a rational use of the bike, which is also supplemented with a gearbox 6-speed and a weight of 186 kilos in running order?

We are presenting here the video of Yamaha XSR700 2015 :

Yamaha XSR700 2015 by bikesdoctor

The other elements of the chassis also respond to a motorcycle chassis 2015 with type diamond suspensions with 130 mm travel, disc brakes dual 282 mm front axle and 4-piston or with classic patterns Pirelli Phantom.

Building on the success of this partnership, Yamaha launches the first series machine incorporating the philosophy fully Sons faster: the XSR700. This elegant road that joins the range of Heritage Sports pays tribute to the iconic Yamaha XS650 Yamaha masterpiece of design and still popular inspiration.

Perfect combination of timeless style dynamics, engineering, high technology and exciting driving this success materializes XSR700 Yamaha Kimura-collaboration.

Yamaha XSR700 2015 the Best Motorcycle

The XSR700 is a feast for the eyes and senses. His aesthetic is valued by many high quality parts, accentuating its unusual appearance. Machinery oldies fans’ appreciate the leather saddle made of two textures, resting on a rear frame bolted easy customization. Retro Faro highlighted by a support assembly aluminum tank reminds the pilot who commands a faster Sons, the first of its kind. This weight fully fueled 186 kg XSR700 want a modern icon for both experienced riders and stylish and affordable, adequate novice cyclists. Note that each other can rely on its standard ABS.

His speedometer is in the center of the tapered handlebar and reverse sweeping curves – offering a relaxed position and driving high – while the perforated side panels hide all the high-tech electronics. Using quality contributes to this elegant metal; aluminum front fender is especially radiator guard. The front and rear tires Pirelli Phantom authentic sculptures safely stowed machine asphalt. The soundtrack to the road movie is assured for as little as compact silence.

The Yamaha XSR700 2015 predicts an affordable price compared to other similar options retro, and a fuel content. Where reason prevails over emotion.

Yamaha XSR700 2015 the Best Motorcycle

Heritage Sports continues to evolve. Respect the styles and designs of ancient iconic Yamaha pushing the limits of current technology; create characters machines, uncompromising in its dynamic behavior, because what we like about it is flying … These short certainties philosophy “Sounds Faster “, embodied by a first collaboration between Yamaha and legendary trainer Japanese Shinya Kimura, based in Los Angeles.

This first prototype “They’re faster,” faithfully reflects the beliefs and Yamaha Kimura, in combining modern technology with a style called “vintage”.

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