Victory Gunner 2015 Road Runner Style Motorcycle

To enjoy the custom world there are several philosophies, although one of the most accessible is certainly the bobber. It’s a minimalist concept that reduces to a minimum the elements of the bike for easy access to them, and to facilitate the possible customization. It is the essence of the Victory Gunner, the ‘new’ motorcycle brand American, available from 12.990 euros, 430 pounds more if limited to A2 licence.its freedom motor zoom more freely through the right exhaust system. These black finish hoses are equipped with nozzles for billet and Victory Performance logo stamped near the exhaust.

Victory Gunner 2015 Road Runner Style Motorcycle


In essence it is a Victory of the current range which have been deprived of most of superfluous elements. The result is a model that shows a clean appearance and a weight reduction that improves your poise in all kinds of situations. In spite of everything has a 309 kg kerb weight, continues to be a heavy custom. Mounted on wheels premium die-cast 24-spoke aluminium, the Gunner aims just.


The headquarters of 63.5 cm (25 in.) allows your feet to the ground and gives you the comfort and confidence in heavy traffic and on unobstructed roads.


In terms of design the most outstanding license is deposit, decorated in a two-tone design, but it also highlights the single seat located to 635 mm in height with respect to the ground. The engine is the same V – Twin 106 to 50 ° Freedom of 1.731 cc and 150 Nm of torque, associated with a six-speed gearbox. Take charge of the road thanks to this box of six-speed gearbox with overdrive. Change speed smoothly, power and confidence in the city as on the highway.Victory Gunner 2015 Road Runner Style Motorcycle

The aim was to achieve a Victory more agile and easy to customize, and they have managed that although it is not a new bike. Nothing that has not been seen in other brands of competition. Wheels are 16 inch and housed Dunlop Tires, while the rear shock absorber is adjustable in preload.

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