Traveling with Luggage Motorcyclist world Tour on Bike

This summer you rush to the adventure of traveling by motorbike but have nothing clear what you have to carry. Here you have the keys so you do not miss anything important in your journey.
What led me? It is the eternal question commuter rider. Everything depends on whether you do a short or long trip but, in any case, have to be very practical and organized because the capacity is reduced. There is a wide range of bags and special bags to carry motorcycle: here’s a special report on suitcases and bags to carry your luggage on a motorcycle.Traveling with Luggage Motorcyclist world Tour on Bike
Baggage you need to travel by motorcycle
Well organized luggage need to travel by motorcycle
For information as convenient as possible we asked the expert on motorcycle travel, Alicia Sornosa. Who better than her to advise us what things you can not miss in the suitcases and what we can do without.
“The equipment of the bike is essential. A well equipped bike make our trip more comfortable. Although any bike and any equipment you can travel. Just make lack desire, “says Alicia.
Equipment for the bike in a long journey
As you go on a long trip with the bike loaded, it is best to protect her from falling, that’s the least side protection bars are saving breaks in case of falls. If your bike is a trail and plan to do some track, these rods can be supplemented with protective casing and radiator. To top it off, a protective lighthouse to impacts with stones so do not break and a higher windscreen: your neck and clothing (mosquitoes and wind) will thank you.Traveling with Luggage Motorcyclist world Tour on Bike
Tires are fundamental. If your trip will be on asphalt, but you may use any road, they are ideal mixed. If you’re going to do more off-road than anything else, a not very radical plugs mounted. Alicia on their trips used as mixed the Continental Trail Attack II and the off-road TKC80 having an average taco, enough to get grip on the track and not lose much comfort on asphalt. The average length is 12,000 km with the motorcycle loaded and go at high speeds.
What baggage carried in a motorcycle trip

We have equipped the bike, now we have to fill the bags and suitcases. Ideally you balance the weight on the side for safe and comfortable driving. The least used is placed below and the most delicate and above daily use. This is the list of essential tools:

  • Kit anti puncture or camera (if fitted) and removable.   Tools to remove the wheels.
  • Tools to tighten the chain (if you bring gimbal, you are saved).
  • Pot and brush grease the chain (should be cleaned, especially if you do dirt tracks).
  • You plug wrench.
  • Replacement bulbs.

Also: reflective vest, octopus (little space and are very useful), locks and a complete set of keys to the motorcycle in another key.

Camping equipment to travel by motorcycle

A team of camping you can enjoy with your bike Nature
If your trip is long and remote places or what you like to enjoy nature, you should bring camping equipment. The store should be as light as possible and can be placed on one of the side cases. Do not forget to put it in another tight bag (Alicia uses Touratech Orbit) so it does not get wet or filled with dust. Here are the basics to survive as a snail:
Camping During Tour.
Traveling with Luggage Motorcyclist world Tour on Bike

Insulation, if self-inflatable better, but remember to take a kit to repair their punctures. The type beach mats are heavy and isolated little.
sleeping bag. The less occupy and despite better, but watch that shelters well if you go to cold climates.
Flashlight (front type or lantern), essential for night. If Led batteries will last longer.
Kitchen: depending on whether you are a professional chef or eat sandwiches based’ll take one kind or another, the minimum is a small gas stove for heating water or gasoline.
Bowl, cup, cutlery. It is best to be of metal, plastic or silicone but also valid and not broken. If the cup is metal you can use it to heat liquids.
A utility knife. You can open a can or even cut a rope.
Kit: acetaminophen, ibuprofen, ‘Urbason’ if it stings something, saline, disinfectant, medications or charcoal pills (consult a doctor before their consumption as they are not valid for all) to cut diarrhea and water purification tablets . Please strips in case you get blisters or a wound. If you need prescription drugs, it takes them because in some countries you ask for them.
We already have the basics for survival on the bike in a long journey. To this you can add much more, but beware of the weight because it will affect your driving.
Come to the personal equipment that you will carry in your bag tight:
Underwear: better be cotton lycra, dried before when you have little time (one night) and need washing.
Traveling with Luggage Motorcyclist world Tour on Bike

  • T (rolled occupy less space), pants when you take off the bike. Pajamas.
  •     Depending on the weather year also you need to bring warm clothing.
  •     Flops for showers and beach areas.
  •     Sneakers, hiking boots or walking.
  •     Do not forget the vanity nail brush and a blow trip, you can serve to dry some clothes when it rained a lot, like socks.
  • Needle and thread, are always needed.
  • A microfiber towel to dry faster.
  • Plastic bags to keep dry bags when bags are carried watertight.

Other important details before traveling

With all this preparation does not forget other details that will make your trip more comfortable. As you travel with any electronic device not forget to put in the luggage a multi-plug adapter and a fairly small strip depends on the equipment you wear. If you equip your bike with a 12-volt socket to be recharged during driving, the better.
With this and your passport and all the documents of the bike in order, you can skedaddle. Bon voyage … ah! Do not forget the most important thing: outside damages and a big smile with kilos of patience, so your trip will be perfect !, we recommend Alicia.

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