Husqvarna 250 and 300 TE 2016 the Eternal Dilemma Test

When you want a 2-stroke Enduro, we often have a doubt when choosing between 250 and 300. On the occasion of the Husqvarna Enduro 2016 tests, we were therefore put the handlebar on the 250 and 300 TE. Here is their full test, as well as the pros and cons of each cylinder…

Husqvarna 250 and 300 TE 2016 the Eternal Dilemma Test

Always on the side of Marcillat en Combrailles, to discover the Husqvarna Enduro in 2016, it is towards the 2-time that we turn now. Faithful to the post, Husky did not intend to release this engine in favor of the 4-stroke.

While it is true that in Cross hole cylinders are increasingly scarce, they represent a very large number of motorcycles in the world of Enduro. At Husqvarna, the sales figures speak for themselves even: 2-time half and half 4-stroke…

Here the choice is more limited than in the range 4-stroke: the 125 there, unavoidable displacement which we recently told you at 125 2 – time and 250 4-stroke opposition, then arrive then the “big” 250 and 300. We know it is not always easy to choose between these two engines sizes then don’t panic: we tested at length the Husqvarna 250 TE and 300 TE 2016 under different conditions. It tells you all about the pros and cons of each.

Husqvarna 250 and 300 TE 2016 the Eternal Dilemma Test

Top of the range the Husky

First of all, do not search the Visual difference that set the 250 of the 300 TE, aside from the sticker on the air vents, two Husqvarna are perfectly identical. The Husqvarna 2016 displayed impeccable finish quality: everything is in place, nothing beyond!

Enduro-specific equipment are: engine and hand guards Beefy…, translucent fuel tank, electric starter and a kick, saddle offers a good compromise between comfort, firmness and adhesion, taken ergonomic at the level of the rear fender… Short, everything is here! One wonders just why HVA persists with the tank cap “button + quarter-turn” not always practical. Especially not when it is covered with mud.

Husqvarna 250 and 300 TE 2016 the Eternal Dilemma Test

No difference either to the grip: the 300 TE is not bigger than the 250 TE and ergonomics is the same. Thinner between the legs than their sisters to valves, we appreciate the two time-specific compactness. The width at the level of the air vents remind you that you are on an HVA, who seems more imposing than a KTM for example.

Handling, when you hold us!

In track, it’s obviously the workability of motorbikes that goes forward. It is always a pleasure to ride on a 2-stroke to see how these bikes are players. In the special grass or trees, the TE in 2016 are in their element: they put on the corner easily, saw tight without problem and prove to be accurate.

In both cases, the suspensions offer a good compromise, less flexible however only on the 4-time FE. It talonne less easily without however feeling much more firmness. Aided by a weight of 4-stroke, the trade-off between performance and comfort seems to me best. The Husqvarna WP suspension are healthy, well granted and provide grip at the front and the back. There is not really complain.

Husqvarna 250 and 300 TE 2016 the Eternal Dilemma Test

When it tackles a little bit more technical, the first differences appear. The 300 TE displays a traction to the rear wheel than the 250 TE, a real tractor. Ideal crossing, but, other side of the coin, when you go on the net of gas, the strength of the 300 TE tends to make you shoot straight. With the 250 TE, you can juggle one trace to another more easily.

Strongly recommended CARB settings!

Prior to discuss more details of the mills, must be put into the context: we are in full heat wave, grass is drier than ever and the topsoil of the wood is powdery as possible. Therefore not always easy to control the ardour of the 2-time on this little adhering soil… Under these conditions, the present HVA staff on-site gave us tweaks which it would have been really shame to deprive.

for the Husqvarna 250 TE, carburetor needle was placed at step n ° 1 (n ° 3 of origin), so closed to the maximum, the air screw open from 1 round 3/4 and standard valves spring was tight a half turn and more. br / > on the Husqvarna 300 TE, the needle is also placed at the stop n ° 1, the air screw open from 1 1/2 round and changed to a harder standard valves spring (green) in order to delay the opening. Note these settings, we urge you! Personally, I store them even with more grip…

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