Comparison between Yamaha MT-09 Tracer / Triumph Tiger 800 XRx / Honda VFR 800 X Crossrunner

The family of the trails, what immense siblings… Where, as in each extended family circle, we cross all kinds of characters and these three new features there, although they play in a court, their vision of the sandbox is absolutely not the same.

How I named it, me, this comparo in my images folder? wonder Bruno (Sellier) at the time to classify her photos. Ben… Comparative trails 800 I want to tell you. How it, I popularizes? Sorry ‘Bru’, but from the moment where the apparatus has a great handlebar, enhanced saddles of a relatively vertical bubble and it offers an ergonomic design to sit straight top driver, it seems to me that one must classified in the category of the trails, not? Yeah, you’re right, it is still somewhat reductive… It is true that we encounter more and more models of such paraphernalia but which comes to piggyback a pair of 17-inch wheels not really in line with the initial idea. A trail floor of a bead of 180 mm rear and propelled by a three, or even four – cylinder is still to be considered as such? There was a time where it would have caused “bitza”.

Comparison between Yamaha MT-09 Tracer / Triumph Tiger 800 XRx / Honda VFR 800 X Crossrunner

Except that it is now a widespread the Windows Variant. I imagine the Ronds de Cuir in the automotive sector, and more likely those of marketing services, outraged pass up such an opportunity to diversify and develop the commercial offer! I also imagine their worst finds in segmentation: trail-cross, enduro-trail, sportivo-trail, multi-trail, mono-trail, cabrio-trail, ludo-trail, aero-trail, etc., then we impose this abominable and smelly substance is oil, there is not long! Continue to affix the adjective best suited behind this ‘catch-all designation’, like that, with ease. At least, it is understood by everyone.

Take the Yamaha MT – 09 draw: proud descendant of the common declension of platform logic, we are facing a trail based on the sparkling MT-09 roadster. Engine péchu wheels 17 ”, rear tire 180 mm with profile dedicated to the macadam, inverted fork, 4-piston radial calipers, lines sharp, etc. If it is not the sports dredge? There, clearly, for what is bucolic getaways, one can imagine well it will take to get there by road. About the case Honda represented here well… uh… I admit that the fairest adjective is not me like that… With its 245 kilos all full facts about the balance, are 17 “wheels (120 front and 180 mm behind) and a capable V4 block of 12 000 rpm, it would make almost wispy nothing to us to the idea of having to climb a curb…

Comparison between Yamaha MT-09 Tracer / Triumph Tiger 800 XRx / Honda VFR 800 X Crossrunner

But do not lose sight of that the VFR 800 X exceptional meets, also, this common platform logic since it shares elements with the sportivo-GT VFR 800 maximum. However, given the saddle/handlebars/foot triangle proposed, the appellation trail remains so to consider it seems, non? Contained saddle height (815 mm), width and comfort XL, for sure, this Honda is welcoming. With a rear set high enough bit perched on crosses it rather easily. To condition however to measure more than one meter seventy. With its narrow front wheels confess a diameter of 19 inches, the Triumph Tiger 800 XRx clearly establishes the inseparable links of the family of the trails.

OK, its wheels are cast in an alloy of aluminium (and sticks) and its tires do not seem really dedicated to off-roading, however, we note although a few beautiful predispositions to cut through fields. To condition of course avoid sloughs, ruts and other naughty grooves. The best remaining to opt for the White path alongside, I grant you. In a pinch, the forest aisle just below. “Ben Yes my old, but if you wanted to do battle with the patouille, should choose the XC Ben. ” It’s true, what… “Dammit Bruno, but how I’m going to titrate my paper, me? Okay, will roll first…

For the exceptional, the total mass is certainly high but its centre of gravity is revealed be placed very low. Thus, despite this obvious overweight and so disabling when arrested, it more no problem as soon as it rolls. If although at low speed, it appears even more maneuverable and lively than the duo of giraffes here. The effect culbuto y being for many. Conversely, the Yamaha Tracer shows conciliatory during reversing manoeuvres performed at the stroller on a stopped u-turn, etc. Dynamic also, its ‘small’ 211 kg all full facts play in its favour. Acceleration, braking, placement, the temperament of the Yam’ starts to boil as soon as we push it to its limits. His triple online balance serious occasions and explodes to send forward visit the tunes to the passage of each discussed tear gas in grand and second, third, or even fourth speed

Comparison between Yamaha MT-09 Tracer / Triumph Tiger 800 XRx / Honda VFR 800 X Crossrunner

Weight content (211 kg), short wheelbase (1 440 mm), hairy couple (8.9 mkg), reactivity exacerbated from the handle, this trail is played supermotard. The first comparison that comes while the aim is the road between the handlebar and the tank (‘ it was nothing than a p’tit wheeling me sieur agent; “) beautiful is your R 1200 GS… «) concerns the KTM 990 SMT. This is to emphasize the side fun and sports provided by the draw. Its rough engine, its primary transmission singing like a box racing in straight toothing, disconnectable motor control, his powerful braking… The plot welcomes you to visit the territory at no charge. This while respecting the precepts of the great Tourism concerning protection, ergonomics and equipment database. Tip and saddle driver are adjustable in height, the handlebar is tricked out a pair of handguards of more aerodynamic, dash is archi-complet while being customizable and controlled from the handlebars, etc.

About autonomy, it remains compelling, with a reserve light waiting for the Cape of the 250 kilometres (approx) before illuminate the dashboard with its brilliance. Question comfort, note that the footrests are prepared relatively backward (we like or not) and that the stools are carved in a foam rather dense but uncomfortable not more. The radius of what can be potentially upsetting, is the resumption of gas net still dry (better than aboard the roadster version but when same) and a moderately high but indeed this vibration level. If more sports is there will deceive not, they will have yet of what pester to this non-disconnectable ABS (but, incidentally, performance) and this perfect shock absorber capable of harming the overall balance when it rolls quickly.

Comparison between Yamaha MT-09 Tracer / Triumph Tiger 800 XRx / Honda VFR 800 X Crossrunner

Otherwise softer, otherwise less personality, the XRx at Triumph opens more versatility. Off-road look said, relieved ground (190 mm), hoops and narrow tyres, driving off road (specific electronic settings) mode, clearance light but effective braking (floating two-piston calipers), etc. The English adds to these good predispositions real (height adjustable 810-830 mm) saddle comfort and protection the wind to a level comparable to that served on the Board of the plot (the bubble being here also adjustable). Well positioned in the comparative table of the fat with its 226 kg masses all full facts, with a handful of gas 100% Ride by particularly soft Wire, powered with a triple online round, well filled and got rid of any vibration parasite, rather agile in all circumstances, the Tiger well deep plant his claws into what is called uniformity. In the less enveloping genre, the internal hydraulic adjustments arise there…

Overly slanted, they freeze the train at the time to erase the ugly imperfections and degrade the feeling on the maximum angle. Something surprising when one remembers the softer performance distilled by the same elements on the occasion of the presentation conducted press in November last on the side of Malaga (Andalusia). Certainly the bike of our comparative was low mileage (less than 1000 km to the meter) and ambient temperatures below those known in Spain (report to the run-in phase of the internal friction components and the possible tendency to solidification of oil). However, with an afternoon spent almost 15 degrees between Alès (30) and Montpellier (34), our felt gaining objectivity. In the (non-adjustable) fork, a lower viscosity would already release the hydraulic trigger. Nevertheless, the XRx provides adequate weapons to carve a wide horizon of practice rider.

Comparison between Yamaha MT-09 Tracer / Triumph Tiger 800 XRx / Honda VFR 800 X Crossrunner

And if you are of those who allow themselves to improvise the path that will lead you to destination, it will reassure you on your choice. Unless it is the Tiger XC equipped with adjustable WP suspension and spoked wheels (21 “front) you like the most… But that it has already caused above it seems to me… Built on basis of sportivo-GT, the exceptional setting on the velvety and… originality! Kind rather opulent hybrid motorcycle but without real commercial placement (ah, the phone might ring at the staff ‘ head…), she stammers at the call of the trail and whip that lies above the chest soon after 120 km/h. His trick to it, this is the ride. Single or Duo, provided that there is bitumen and the rendezvous point or the most remote possible to that of departure.

Royal to Furl, it benefits of flexibility and the sound of its V4 to seduce the crew. On paper, the Hyper-Vtec technology (operating with 8 valves under 6 500 rpm, 16 valve beyond) that anime seems not the most appropriate for this kind of use, due to the apparent burst of couple spent that fateful course. Nevertheless, to the use, and with marked sound change that accompanies the transition to 16 valves, a playful note inserts for good in concept. At this time, finally, the exceptional is déride! What encourage them to renew the operation on the ratio. Except that due to a gear particularly long, the tach then looks for a long gallop. And since the gear does not encourage hunt chrono, we prefer quickly release the clamp and return to a softer, more serene communication with the apparatus. Finally, the best way to consider the exceptional, it is the Sunday walk. Alternatively, the load on the back of the camper to enjoy on the holiday resort. Pardon me? Yours is a single axle? Ah… Obviously, it’s the choice of the motorhome you planted…

Comparison Test Decision :

In this finish x (€1 200 more than the standard XR), the Triumph grows the qualitative side of the XR 800 versatility and equipment. Of the three, is it more typed trail in the first sense of the term. Yamaha Tracer is a formerly more sporting public while placing its equipment level still a notch above, all for €1 400 less! A sacred blow this plot! As to the exceptional Honda, with the highest rate and a more restricted scope, it is necessarily exposed less than popularity. Three motorbikes, three very different styles of riding trail.




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