BMW R NINET Created to The Legend Reborn

This pure roadster was born in 2013 to commemorate the 90 years of our brand. Hence its name: Nine T. A bike that gives authenticity to the honor and tribute to the creativity of pioneers, engineers as well as designers. A motorcycle that inspires all the talents, designed from the start to be suitable for customization.


R-nineT Custom legendry Contest by bikesdoctor

Initially, it was a group of friends. There are four. All bikers. All a little artists. Their trip: making their own bikes off the beaten track, in the image of their rebellious spirit. In 2009 they decided to create their customization workshop, they named a very vintage Name: Old School Engineering … which gives OSE, and that’s no coincidence! For daring is their trademark. Their first custom is a GSXR 750 Café Racer. The following year, it is a HONDA 750 FOUR followed by a BMW R100 Scrambler that comes out of their garage.
Supported by the Café Racer magazine, they receive their first orders and attack all kinds of models. In love with beautiful lines, follower of the recycling craft of all kinds, the team is enriched over time. After the customization of a BMW 7 Series R60 in 2013 conducted with Benedict, they find the brand in 2015 to complete winners NINET R Custom Contest.

A group of friends, a dozen people, constitutes the entire team Old School Engineering. But these are 4 of them have mainly worked on the project of the Beautiful Breakaway: Anthony, Christopher, Marco and Benoit.

Congratulations to them!

This contest is open to all independent French preparers. The challenge is to imagine the most extraordinary customization of this legendary model. On March 27, the closing date of entries, 40 projects were sent to BMW Motorrad. Only one will win. He will receive an R NINET and an endowment to customize it.


The development of the central element of its Boxer gave many headaches to Hideya Togashi: the creation of an untreated raw aluminum tank does not tolerate any mistakes. After more than a month to refine it, Togashi’s efforts have paid off: contoured shape fits perfectly to the sports and timeless design of his motorcycle.
In this line, typical of racing motorcycles from the seventies, do not miss the muffler. However their absence is no feeling, collectors elegantly combines the frame and the output is behind the shock absorber under the seat. No doubt about it: the Boxer Hideya Togashi awakens as the memories desire in all motorcycle enthusiasts.


The biggest challenge faced by Shiro Nakajima frame handmade aluminum, a new experience for someone who usually works on technical improvements. The result reflects a passion: it is fully focused on the intrinsic qualities of the Boxer engine – Lightness, speed and maneuverability. Its preparation is lighter than the original motorcycle nearly thirty kilos and has wheels typed vintage Grand Prix.
The Clubman Racer reflects uncompromising expertise Shiro Nakajima: a real jewel among the preparations.

BMW R NINET Created to The Legend Reborn


What music will come out of the exhaust of the Beautiful Breakaway? It will be the surprise.
But already you can admire the lines of this unique instrument.
Witnessing a crucial stage of customization of the motorcycle. It is R Nine T!!!

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