Tips for Motorcycle Driving at Night

Driving a motorcycle is an adventure, which reaches other levels when night falls. Traffic estimates that the chances of an accident on the road from 12 pm to 8 am is almost double the rest of the day, so as you understand it is necessary to follow a special caution if you’re on two wheels. Basically because it’s harder to be seen by car drivers, your visibility is also reduced and also affect other elements such as fatigue, etc.

Tips for Motorcycle Driving at Night

Here are some simple common sense tips to not suffer more scares necessary with the bike at night:

Lighting: If during the day is as vital to see and be seen at night this need is much more important. You have to check all the lights in your bike regularly to not take a dislike. They also help the reflective clothing do not go to the Ghost Rider rigorous black and if the color of your bike is clear.
Helmet visor clear:

Do yourself a favor and do not circules with a helmet visor smoked night. That is so that the sun does not dazzle you during the day and has the opposite effect in the morning.
Respect the speed and the safety distance:

Tips for Motorcycle Driving at Night

The reactions of other drivers when night falls are usually late that day, so do not force maneuvers more than necessary avoid zigzags and move at the speed of the track although boring will ensure reaching the destination without any mishap.
Beware glare: If another vehicle lights blind you best is to take the view on the right and follow the lines of the shoulder to avoid problems. And if you have to stop on the hard shoulder quickly become visible for the rest.
Follows a referral … with reservations:

A trick where low visibility is to follow the vehicle in front to check the proper plotted us. Not a bad idea, though note that the vehicle may not have references and therefore must follow carefully.
Warm clothes in case:

Overnight sharply lower temperature so in certain seasons we may be in trouble if we do not warm clothes ready before this drop in temperatures. And shivering on the bike that compromises our driving.
Respect the stops:

The fatigue and distractions from the monotony are redoubled when drive at night, so do not force times the technical stops to rest. Good coffee in time and stretch your legs are the best allies in these cases.
All this of course there are the precautions own adverse weather and incompatibility with alcohol or drugs. Good night trip!

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