MV Agusta Turismo Veloce  Touring Reviews

What is MV Agusta? Radical and sculptural, ultra high-performance roadsters, sports a glorious competing past? Now it is also a more comprehensive range with the Turismo Veloce, first motorcycle actually multi-faceted and directed touring of the range. A historic turn for the brand? Almost…

MV Agusta Turismo Veloce  Touring Reviews

In a few years, MV Agusta has changed:

Giovanni to succeeding Claudio Castiglioni, the three cylinders are the stars of the range, and with the Turismo Veloce, Varese is moving motorcycle tourism. As if Harley-Davidson imagined an electric motorcycle!

Since we respect more nothing in this world, are interested we model making to blow a wind of renewal on the Italian brand. Before the decline in sales of sports and sports roadsters, MV chose to diversify following the logic of platform and the rival Turismo Veloce was born.

We take possession at MV 77, which provides a part of the Park Press. The bike is registered in Italy, with compliance that goes hand in hand. With Arnaud, all-terrain editor of the station and photographer of the day, we detail the beautiful that has been so much talk in his multiple appearances in Milan and Paris before finding the path of concessions.

MV Agusta Turismo Veloce  Touring Reviews

Since the first pre-series of salon, Turismo Veloce has grown significantly in perceived quality, which in fact probably the best MV finished catalog. It reveals an absolutely sculptural line. Undoubtedly, design has not been sacrificed on the altar of tourism. MV Agusta Turismo Veloce is simply the most beautiful of the crossovers, with its suspended saddle way console Volvo.

Complex grip

The time of explanation around the model of borrowing with Thomas vendor and we leave. Bigre, with 850 mm, the saddle is rather high. In addition, it is not adjustable. Damage on this bike and it has already cost sales at the dealership who welcomed us. Accustomed to the trails, I plug me not being able to ask that the tip of the toes to the ground with my seventy metre.

Ergonomics is also a little room for improvement, as often with MV Agusta, with the exhaust line that interferes with the right boot. For the rest, the template is a compact 800. It feels on the narrowness of the handlebars, the tank and the fairing. In short, nothing to do with a large 1000 Kawasaki Versys.

The first rounds of wheels also reveal a rather delicate mix of the clutch control. The wax is hard to find and the bike can generate some ups and downs. The turning radius is large enough, above the average of the road trails, but at least the Turismo Veloce seems less heat than her sisters. Stopped in traffic on the other hand, the engine is always also noisy with a rock sound that proves to be difficult in the long run and the vibrations are always sensitive in the feet.

Therefore, we guess that the MV Agusta Turismo Veloce will not be the most relaxing bike in its class on a daily basis, far away. But it has many other advantages.

 High on legs and flexible

But before discovering the extent of its dynamic qualities, must accommodate a high Centre of gravity if perched. MV Agusta left MV Agusta 800 rival base (she even derived from the 800 brutal), and he has grafted a new skin, a tank more large 22 liters instead of 16 and suspension with large deflection (160 mm AV, 165 mm AR).

All this has resulted in a significant elevation of the centre of gravity and the Turismo Veloce presents a direction that engages at very low speed. Not very nice at the beginning, including empty tank. After 10 km and a few updates on the corner, the sensation fades significantly and it is time to take the measure of the transfer of masses for the less marked!

The bike dives quite clearly braking. Because it is very light for the category (221.8 kg all full facts verified), this is not fatal, but this is a real cultural shock on a MV Agusta! Simply because as the general feeling of the bike reminds indeed the roadster which she descends and dive under braking effect turns out to be confusing. Another 10 kilometres road later, I ended up doing me.

MV Agusta Turismo Veloce  Touring Reviews

An 800 which is well worth a 1000

I then rediscovered the unique flavor of the spirited three-cylinder 798 cm3 developing 110 horsepower (in free version) for 83 Nm of torque. Round than the Triumph 800, less flexible and slightly less horsepower in feeling that the three legs Yamaha, block MV is characterized by a vivacity impressive to take tours. It is without doubt the three cylinders the more lively market.

It is also very muscular midrange and taffy very hard on the arms between 4,500 and 7 500 rpm. Nothing on this RPM range, the MV Agusta.

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