BMW F800R 2015 Test and Reviews

The BMW F800R 2015: Etienne to the catalog its 6 years and its third incarnation, which will date! Beautifully refurbished, more efficient better but especially endowed chassis side, we had this versatile roadster very impressed them selective roads south of Creuse… Action! Some overshadowed by his sisters large, the BMW F800R did continue its not less background solid regular race and in the German range. To do this, it of a vaillant cylinder enjoys online, a widely dimensioned chassis and it must be said, of the aura of a very constructor ‘trend’. Subtract program with are “utilitarian / road / quick” cheaper German Roadsters he lacked no doubt face sex appeal of radical to the more Street Monster Brutale 821 and 800 or Triple MT09, FZ8 and other GSR 750, Z800.

BMW F800R 2015 Test and Reviews
The category of roadsters ‘average’ is the most dynamic displacement of the French market and evolution 2015 of the F800R is trimming means its good share of the cake… Action! From behind, yet difficult to tell the difference. The F800R is distinguished essentially 2015 at the front. But then, new East: inverted forks, radial brake, Fender, headlight cowl Bailers including tank and drawing nothing has more envy to found on the References of the time. And in our opinion, transplant that he will like a glove, without this last impression of addition of load, besides hiding them “Ugly” Hose rubber at the level of the top engine. Undoubtedly, 2015 BMW F800R the proud look has is true always and by the quality of its manufacture.

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It is this impression that spring in place taking aboard her. The lower abdomen behind bounced tank, you legs them comfortably flexed and his housed in recesses pronounced, the look then falls all also on a neat cockpit. The beautiful handlebar to asymmetric priori surprises its width by once but in seduces hand does not too leaning bust him. Ergonomics of the F800R is almost perfect for my 1, 78 m, and probably for most templates thanks to a reduced low 790 mm + seal of seal height on option.

BMW F800R 2015 Test and Reviews
The Board edge marie meter and tachometer electronic bunk to a window to crystals liquid to provide a readable information batch and useful. The staffing Serial I realized one shock absorber of direction, adjustable levers. Our test model “full options” engine receives him, the Center stand, the on-board computer, masks the and taillight with led’s. In addition, I left Commodo welcomes the ESA command, which allows a technical option of automatically adjust the rear on three modes: normal and sport comfort. Finally, our 2015 F800R has traction control also test CSA acceleration and control of (DRC) tire pressure. Find difficult more complete on a mid-range roadster! Take the road.BMW F800R 2015 Test and Reviews
A weapon on a daily basis and meters give them first; it’s the good – excellent! -Willingness to its engine retains which attention. Whether they are online or flat, German chromed them are References of approval, 800 and this does rule not exception.

BMW F800R 2015 Test and Reviews

Despite join sexy little metallic sound, it is able to take any report of 1500 rpm / min sweetness in a rare, and effectively then pushes. Apart from a few vibrations felt at mid-speed cruising regime in South Motorway for example, here is therefore one valuable ally who arranged changes of pace with a unique ease in this capacity range and the makes it chassis well. Car’s standard seal, or large not too firm, hold perfectly diaper you, barely shaken by the work of suspensions, just a little on small farms shocks. For every day so the F800R remains a ‘weapon’ if the exception are poor turning circle radius, its consumption as reduced that (5.2 l / 100 km measured here) and its port side filling – you tank is located under the seal – allow of stop less often mean the close range 300 km and make filling easier. However, the F800R excels above all and fast lanes south roads.

The Like a fish in water

Was beautiful while knowing from the different appearance of the first model in 2009 and tests and published comparative south from bike-station, one reason it is still and astonishment of satisfaction over the kilometers. The F800R probably is the roadster will securing of category. What that are the State of the coating and the speed, stability remains a model of its kind, since 2009 and even more in 2015. Of course, its new flagship Cap who no longer hardly protects to bust him, do not necessarily help on this point if we cling too much to the handlebar to counter the force of the wind. But on the roads of Creuse who served us “basis of es”

Positive Finding Negative Finding
the best of the F800R Inconclusive ESA
Security price (with options)
versatility turning radius
consumption rear brake
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