2016 harley-davidson road glide ultra

It’s a little headline of Harley-Davidson, the Road Glide Ultra receives for the 2016 season some attention on the part of the American brand that will give pleasure to all lovers of the model and the Rushmore Project is not unknown to the advance of the model. Attention, motorcycle for backpackers.

2016 harley-davidson road glide ultra

Aesthetically, the Road Glide Ultra has not much changed from 2015, these two optical wholesale may still be talked about for a long time. Note the change of wheels from all chrome to hue fitments. The Twin Cam 103, 1,690 air filter cm3 delivering 138 Nm becomes round. Level comfort, the handlebar is positioned 48 mm higher than on the Road Glide Special. Seats driver and passenger have been redesigned with armrests reviewed to avoid the arms of the passenger from slipping, seats have been expanded and elongated 2.5 cm for lumbar support.
Two years has been out of circulation the Harley-Davidson Road Glide Ultra, one of the bikes more travellers from Harley-Davidson that the 2016 version returns with renewed forces. Thanks to the new project Rushmore have been polished many details of the model, those accorded only to try them. Its price part of the 29,990 in European market, with many customized options.

Harley-Davidson Road Glide Ultra 2016 Motorcycles
The catalogue of novelties is extensive, so listing spec here:

  • LED lighting.
  • 49 mm front forks more rigid.
  • Suspension of series pneumatic regulation.
  • Radio Boom Box 6.5GT.
  • Take USB for iPod and iPhone.
  • Fairings and checked for comfort walking leather seats.
  • Dome of 13.5-inch chrome rims.
  • Revised Tour Pak luggage.
  • Impeller wheels of 17 and 16 inches of new invoice.
  • Glove boxes and suitcases ‘One Touch’.
  • Series cruise control.
  • Brakes with Brembo calipers.

A deep restyling and improved equipment in the Harley-Davidson Road Glide Ultra 2016, that is still moving with his 1687 cc Twin Cam 103 engine, 138 Nm of torque at 3,750 rpm and average to 100 km consumption 5.6 litres. He has 22.7 litres for long trips and the kerb weight is 424 pounds.

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