KTM 690 Duke 2016 Best Motorcycles in the World

The summer enters its last tail and motorcycle manufacturers are warming to its innovations in the upcoming EICMA 2015 19-22 November. KTM already unveiled broad review of its single naked more benefits, the KTM 690 Duke 2016.

KTM 690 Duke 2016 Best Motorcycles in the World
The Austrian firm has shown this prototype, which you already equip best engine of the new 690 Duke. It has been adapted to be the first KTM bike that complies with Euro IV emissions regulations. For this the LC4 engine has been increased the diameter of the cylinder, but narrowed her career to keep their engine capacity. With that and the modifications to the exhaust system already meets with the new rules.These changes contribute to an increase in power by 7% and 6% maximum torque, as well as make it more mild to low speed and climb cutting at 1,000 rpm.

With the 690 KTM DUKE , KTM is the culmination of its legendary line of roadsters with a machine that redefines the term “Streetfighter”. A single glance at the impressive features and aggressive design is sufficient to understand that 690 is the most extreme Super Duke of all time.

KTM 690 Duke 2016 Best Motorcycles in the World

Unmatched performance, combined with the versatility provided by the adjustable steering modes and the Power Parts parts. Pure driving pleasure is the key: urban traffic circuit passing through all possible intermediate cases.

New KTM 690 DUKE R embodies to perfection the KTM philosophy: power without limit, precision, perfect ergonomics, high range, not a gram in too, just “Ready to Race”! KTM DUKE 690: high-tech with aggressive design, functionality without equal and sharpened sportsmanship reduced to essentials. Just new KTM 690 DUKE R has associates performance with maximum security to distill ultimate driving pleasure.

KTM 690 Duke 2016 Best Motorcycles in the World

More electronics

The KTM 690 Duke also premiere a new instrumentation with TFT screen, which will serve to manage inter alia the ‘Sport’, ‘Street’ and ‘Rain’ driving modes. It wills also feature brakes ABS Bosch 9 M + art series and optional traction control.

KTM 690 Duke 2016 Best Motorcycles in the World
Other changes affect the post to improve the direction and design seat for better ergonomics, although apparently only chassis works have been made to adapt the new dynamic. Improvements which make the 690 Duke win integers with respect to competition which will have to put the batteries.

There is good looking for pending final details and price, just wait:

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