Zontes S250 Best Motorcycle in the World

So far the China motorcycle manufacturers have dedicated to produce low-cost motorbikes and blatantly copy technology and designs from Japan and the West. That doesn’t mean that when they go to surprise us with news that escape this majority view.

When were are tackling the infinite number of Chinese bicycle companies let alone work with which is affiliated with an almost impossible task and so, it’s too easy to put together in the part of your spirit, reserved for ‘cheap tat’ and turn your attention to something more substantial and familiar. Although we are quite happy to admit that the Zontes – a brand that is available here in the UK since 2011 is not one that we have a thorough of knowledge. Check the numbers in the DVLA since its launch in 2011, the company has now achieved something approaching its 1000 bikes registered in the United Kingdom, and the vast majority is taxed instead of SORN, which could indicate that reliability does not correspond to the worst Chinese bicycle stereotypes.Zontes S250 Best Motorcycle in the World

Now it seems that the company is considering making the leap to be one that focuses only on the 125cc motorcycle market close disposable learning to one that offers something for more experienced riders, as its next model promises to be this unique 250cc.

The S250 Zontes being marketed in the United Kingdom is an example of this. Zontes is the brand that Tayo china used to market their bikes in Britain. This model in question arose as Phantom S250 in China in 2012, although in their local market has had no exit and it seems that everything is ready so that you try your luck at markets that can best accommodate. Highlights the sharp lines of the faired part and the unique design of its optical front that would sign the latest street fighter.Zontes S250 Best Motorcycle in the World


The prehistorical low cost him out in his air-cooled motor of 250 cc yielding 22 Horsepower at 8,200 rpm. But it has its disc brakes and a look that would be worth it to many novice or urban bikers. We hope to learn more about this bike in the coming months.

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