Yamaha MT-09 Faster Sons Italian by Oberdan Bezzi

The Italian Oberdan Bezzi has struck again. A few weeks after that Yamaha has introduced the neo-retro XSR 700, now the designer affix the concept “Faster sounds” to the MT-09. And we must recognize that it makes its small effect …

Yamaha MT-09 Faster Sons Italian by Oberdan Bezzi

So we now offer a number of interesting creations of Italian designer Bezzi alias OBIBOI. Four motorcycle spieciali made on the basis of the three-cylinder Yamaha MT-09. This is a special series that the designer called Yamaha MT-09 Faster Sons. Big blow in the genre, the Yamaha MT-07 and MT-09 are examples. Their sales madden the motorbike market and if Yamaha has unveiled a neo-retro versions of the MT-03, the XSR 700, there is nothing regarding the MT-09. At least for now …

So to imagine what could be a Yamaha MT-09 “Faster Sons,” the Italian designer Oberdan Bezzi has addressed its tablet and let express his pen. It follows the many interpretations of this thought pattern, just to talk.
In practice this is du versions “fastest” of models of large series, obtained by means of Complete kits or specific details able to come palpitations enthusiasts. The four models in question, arising from the naked house of three tuning forks, Yamaha MT-09, and after the “cure” Faster Sons which has completely changed style.

Yet all parties both aesthetic and technical should be virtually plug-in and the levels of diversification disparate depending on the tastes and needs of the customer. You can choose the wheel rims, exhausts, instrumentation, body parts and much more, in style Scrmbler so to speak.

The models shown are a tribute to the three greatest champions that have won titles for Yamaha and that is Kenny Roberts, Valentino Rossi and Giacomo Agostini, whose colors competition underlie the superstructures of these special MT-09, to which is added the version to request from the French Christian Sarron.

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