Victory Empulse TT Electric Motorcycle 2016

Like its cousin Indian, Victory American brand has no sensational news for this year 2016 – if not the new electric motorcycle Empulse TT, which is a Brammo rebadgee. The attention focused on the color collection. The Vegas reappeared as standard, alongside the 8-Ball. The Boardwalk, the MagnumX-1 and 8-Ball Cross Country leave the catalog. An instant classic should not need an introduction.

Victory Empulse TT Electric Motorcycle 2016

However, if you do not know the new motorcycles Victory 2016, it is with pleasure that we will discover these gleaming motorcycles! Beyond the comfort features and their precision engineering, our Victory motorcycles for sale in Terrebonne recognize at first glance by their unique design and their glittering chrome accessories. These bikes offer unbeatable value to road enthusiasts without any compromise on style, performance and driving experience.

Between the data sheet provided by Victory and the Brammo, the differences are rare:

increased capacity of 0.2 kWh battery, charging time lengthened by 24 minutes from 3.5 to 3.9 hours in level 2 still 8:00 in level 1, maximum torque of 82 Nm- 63 for standard Brammo and 90 for the “R”, rounded top speed of “over 100 mph” 161 km/h at instead of 110 177 km/h.

Critical point for electric bikes, “the average range is between 105 and 161 km,” announces Victory adding that “initial tests indicate a range of 152 km in town” … Provided not to over whip 54 horsepower engine, no doubt!
They also offer plenty of customization options allow true lovers of custom motorcycles to own a mount in their image. Proud to offer the kind Victory cruiser and touring motorcycle north of Montreal and Laval, Motorcycles Unlimited invites you to come today in its vast exhibition hall to see more closely these beautiful motorcycles and sit in the one of them. Then we can answer all your questions on the characteristics and specifications of our 2016 Victory motorcycles.

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