There is now a mid-size version of the ultimate road to the globe-trotting sauce:

the F 800 GS Adventure taking up the recipe for the 1200 GS of the same name, the Bavarian trail midrange emancipated in turn to burn incense trails and valleys. Relevant and most affordable solution because the big GS requires a strong portfolio when purchasing more than 16,000 Euros excluding option. With a more measured caliber Adventure behind the handlebar to a new handful of users.

BMW F 800 GS ADVENTURER Motorcycles by bikesdoctor

In this variation, the F 800 GS is dressed to go further, longer and more comfortably. The trellis frame is preserved but strengthened to support new constraints. In Adventure, the machine acquires a 24 liter tank, 8 more than the standard – the manufacturer announced additional 120 km of autonomy. The twin faces increased weight and intends to consume 10% more. These combined elements enable to consider greater than 400 km autonomy. Already suitcases ready for a game through the materials provided in series, the Behême prepares the horizon.


To stand out while retaining its identity, nothing like a light but assertive dressing change. The F 800 GS Adventure, side panels and seat sides needed a more robust look. Protection is enhanced everywhere, with a larger bubble, the hand guards, a protective plate under the engine and a set of shin guards. Thicker, more comfortable, and more generous to the passenger, the seat rises to 10 mm. Perched at present to 890 mm from the ground, the seat gets really high; especially as the lowering kit is not available. In view of all more intensive land use, the Adventure is also differentiated by its enduro footrests kind widened and its reinforced brake pedal.

BMW F 800 GS ADVENTURE style 2015

ABS is standard, as on all BM. The Adventure can complement its range of assistance with the suspension driven ESA and ASC anti-spin features the new endure mode. A simple button allows the bike to automatically coordinate the ABS and ASC to optimize driving on loose and stony ground.

At your service to take you over hill and dale, the twin has not been modified. 85 horses escape of 798 cm3 and a torque of 8.4 mkg. To cope with its load of 15 kg to take over. Because with its additional equipment, the F 800 GS goes to 229 kg by becoming Adventure.

A little sister 800 Adventure, this falls well within the range of the manufacturer. Those who wanted to embrace the concept but felt intimidated by the big 1200 will find there a more accessible machine. The template will be less impressive slate and less salty about 4000 Euros less. You will not have the universal nor the Telelever, but the bulk of a machine with soft escapist desires.

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